Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Girls Weekend

Last weekend was the best weekend I've had in a long time. Us girls headed to St Louis on Friday for the weekend. It was Jen, Johnna, Jill, Gail and her friend Jenny, and me. We ate at great restuarants, did some major damage shopping--but got some great Christmas gifts, and went to a comedy club Saturday night. One of the highlights of my weekend was my love affair with my bed. I was one of the lucky ones to get a bed to myself and what a bed it was. Johnna got us a great deal on a fancy hotel on Priceline. This bed had the most incredible mattress, about 6 pillows, a down comforter, and it was heaven. Honestly I had 2 of the best nights of sleep in my life. No one was snoring, no one woke me up because of a bad dream or a wet bed, no sick kids to get up with, no one wanting milk at 6:30am. It was heaven. Goodbye Doubletree Hotel, goodbye sweet bed. I miss you already.
Aiden started his speech therapy monday morning and did great!! I don't think I mentioned that I had him evaluated. He scored really high on receptive language and how much he comprehended. He also has a good sized vocabulary. Where he was lacking was in his articulation when he tried to put words and sentences together so that is what we are working on. His speech therapist says she thinks some of it might be from when he had RSV as a baby and then was sick so much after that and had a few ear infections. That's such a critical time for learning sounds and if his ears were full of fluid that might have contributed to it. He did great with Amy though and she got him making some sounds he hasn't been able to make yet. I was proud of him. So we have some "homework" to work on with him with certain sounds until his next session.
We had Drew and Noah's parent/teacher conferences yesterday. Some parents dread them, but I love just sitting there like a proud parent and hearing how smart, well behaved, likeable, etc my children are. Who wouldn't like that???? I feel myself snickering inside---if only they could see how they act at home! I'm thrilled that my boys are thriving in school and enjoy it so much. They really do have a thirst for knowledge and I hope that continues throughout their lives. When I hear a teacher say that they wish they had a whole classroom full of Noah's, my heart just wants to burst!!

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