Thursday, September 6, 2007

New Klauser's

We have three new baby girl Klauser's that were just born. We got to meet Olivia at the family reunion last weekend. She was 9 days old at the time and so tiny. She had so much hair that Todd asked if she was wearing a wig--it was so thick and beautiful. She had the tiniest little feet, I couldn't believe her socks stayed on! Yesterday Todd's aunt had her twin girls. They were only about 32 weeks but I guess Angie's blood pressure was high and had protein in her urine and I don't know what all else. The girls are about 2lbs 10oz, so tiny. They will stay over in Springfield till they get closer to their actual due date. I'm sure Angie will be ready to come home, she's been over there mostly by herself for months as it is. Todd's uncle has had to be here to run the business and all. Since their youngest is in high school and she's spent so much time in the hospital, they don't have much for the babies. I think we are going to loan them our crib. By the time they come home from the hospital we can have Aiden in his twin bed and it was just going in storage anyway, I'd rather it be put to good use. (I just can't get rid of it yet) I'm anxious to see the. They are healthy so far so I hope no complications arise. So that makes 5 Klauser's born since MAY!! What a fertile family I married into!

Aiden started his Music class today. We had so much fun. He took it last winter and you can really tell he has grown up some since then. He was so into it and he would look at me with that cute smile where he wrinkles his nose up. It made me melt. Afterwards we went down to the indoor playground to play and had fun there too. I'll definitely always look forward to our thurs. mornings there. Thanks to Gma and Gpa Boz for the music class for Aiden's bday gift.

***Potty Watch 2007***
Aiden peed in the potty 4 times yesterday and today he pooped for the first time!! He was so excited b/c I don't think he meant to do that when he sat down! He was just pushing to get that pee out and surprise. He's also liking to try and pee standing up. Yesterday he tried it with his little potty. He had both hands on the wall with his legs spread as if he was going to get frisked by the police. Todd had to help him aim but they made it in. He's just too funny.
(I know you're all thinking "enough with the pee and poop stories", but after the hell I went through to get Drew and Noah potty trained, this is actually kind of fun. He WANTS to do this! I just hope the novelty of it doesn't wear off anytime soon.)


Aunt Cindy said...

I say YAY for Aiden, and you have every right to be THRILLED that he wants to do use his potty. I loved the image of him 'being frisked by the police' as he tried to stand to go potty. I say keep the CUTE kid potty or otherwise stories coming....some of us live vicariously through you.

And a big congrats to the newest little Klauser girls. I know you all were worried about his Aunt with the twins, so I'm happy to hear they've arrived, and hopefully are doing ok for preemies. Mom too! I sometimes wonder how you remember all the Klauser family names IS a big Family.

Jer said...

I agree. Keep those potty stories coming. That's why we read your fun blog--stories about little kids. We read Joe's for the memories and humor. And mine when we want stories of dog poop and conjunctivitis. See--we all have our purpose.

Aunt Andrea said...

Aiden sounds like he is toilet trained! He's a fast learner. I also love to hear the potty training stories. Like Cindy, I like to live vicariously through your stories on your blog.