Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Busy Weekend

The weekend started off busy. Saturday morning both boys had soccer games and Todd had his Monster Adventure race (http://www.monsteradventure.com/ ) It lasts all day so Todd would keep us updated where they were and we would meet up to watch when we could. Of course we always wait for him at the finish line. I snapped this picture right after they finished. They beat last years time, finishing in 9hrs and 51 minutes. Todd only had 3 flat tires this time. Something about this race and his bike tires just don't mix!
Sunday we headed down to the river for Riverfest. The weather was beautiful, we ate some good food, and had some fun. The boys (all 4 of them) got to ride on the fire truck which was a thrill for them. We had a family picture taken at the library's booth that turned out pretty good, which is amazing for us!! I can't wait till they email it to us! Then after Aiden's nap we headed out to the cabin with Dad, Matt,Beth and the boys. They had so much fun out there. Blake and Ty brought their little Gator and shared so nicely with our boys. They also took rides in the big Gator. Beth and I decided to try and get a pic of all 5 boys. This is the best that I came up with! It's a challenge, that's for sure. Maybe Beth has a better one?

I love this next picture although it's starting to get dark. Ty and Aiden had so much fun playing over there. They were sticking things down in the holes that an animal had dug around there and just talking away. I would have loved to have been close enough to hear their conversation. It looks like they are up to something!

Drew broke out in hives Sunday morning. We couldn't think of anything different that he'd eaten or done to cause them. I gave him Benydryl every 4 hours and they continued to spread. By the time he went to bed that night, they had spread over every inch of his body, even on his feet, scalp, and some on his face. When he woke up monday morning his body looked much better but his face looked awful, all swollen and broken out. But by the afternoon he was all cleared up and back to normal. Not sure what caused it, just glad they are gone!


D. said...

That DOES sound like a busy weekend! I so wish we could all come up and spend time with all of you at the cabin. It looks so wonderful-your kids will keep all of the memories you make there with them forever. They will be telling their grandkids all sorts of funny stories about the fun they all had together there. What a wonderful blessing our families are!

Aunt Cindy said...

glad to hear Todd shaved some time off his time, but to be honest, I would have given up with ONE flat tire. I'd call it an omen. I am glad you had a fun filled busy weekend..we tend to want that weekend "with nothing to do" but when they come we wonder why we wanted it. Your kids a a blessing and having cousins to have fun with is a Bonus....I hope Ellie likes boys!

Mom said...

Hate missing fun times with the family...Blake asked me why I didnt come, and I said I was working. He asked why do you do that? Where do you start answering THAT.......Those pictures are so cute..cant believe you got all 5 boys in one picture!