Tuesday, September 4, 2007

My Conversation With Noah

Noah: Mom, I had to wash my hands when I brushed my teeth.

Me: Oh? Why is that?

Noah: Because I dropped my toothbrush in the toilet and had to get it out with my hand.

Me: What?! You didn't brush your teeth with that did you?

Noah: Yes, but I washed it with water first.

Me: Oh my God, please tell me you at least used soap with it.

Noah: I used soap and water.

Me: Go throw that toothbrush away now!

It took everything I had to keep calm. The germ-phobe in me was dying a thousand deaths. He was nonchalant about it, no big deal. This is the kid that will throw a fit if you accidentally put the wrong condiment on his sandwhich. I couldn't bring myself to kiss him on the lips at bedtime. I wish I had made him gargle with mouthwash or something. I overheard Drew asking him how he did that and I thought I heard Noah saying something about brushing his teeth while he peed. I pretended I didn't hear, that was too much for my faint heart.

***Potty Update*** Aiden peed in the potty THREE times this evening!!! I'm in total shock. We were all dancing around like a bunch of idiots cheering for him. If only someone had a video camera on us. I'm still not getting my hopes up, but damn, I'm impressed!


Todd K said...

I'm so proud of you Kelly for handling the toothbrush episode.

mom said...

I am laughing so hard...not sure which is funnier, Noah's comments or thinking how you must have died a thousand deaths thinking Noah brushed his teeth with THAT brush....Kelly-love your blog

Aunt Cindy said...

The whole story was hysterical, but if you really want be be grossed out, let him come here and drop his toothbrush in OUR toilet. You'd never kiss the boy again!!! Way to hang tough MOM...

That is 4 saved diapers this week ah...ah..ahhh.. Yay Aiden

aunt jane said...

you know the mouth is the dirtiest place there is but I am sure the toliet ranks right up there, he will survive but will you because I am sure there will be many more incidents

Aunt Andrea said...

I saw somewhere that the toilet has less germs than the average kitchen sponge. As long as the toilet was flushed....