Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Six Flags 10-11-09

When we went to Six Flags this past summer it was cheaper to buy a 5 day pass than a 2 day pass...go figure! Since we only used 2 days of it during the summer we knew we couldn't let all of the other days go to waste. We thought we were being so smart by planning on going in the fall around the 2 younger boys birthdays....we'd have gorgeous fall weather and the lines would be shorter. Little did we know that October would bring the coldest, wettest, and grayest month we could remember. We decided to go anyway because a promise is a promise and we would do what we could. We definitely lucked out.....the sun shined all day, very little breeze, and it got up into the mid 50's. Yes, I would have been happy with 10-15 degrees warmer but we had a gorgeous day. The lines were shorter, the boys were angels, and the Halloween atmosphere at Six Flags was so fun!!

Noah and Aiden went on this about 15 times!
Todd, Drew, and Noah on the Tony Hawk roller coaster, you can barely see their car in the middle there. They didn't get to ride it during the summer b/c of the lines so they happily rode it twice this day!
Todd and Drew getting ready to ride the Superman ride. It was closed during the summer so they were excited to ride it. Noah backed out and I was soooo tempted, I just couldn't get my scared butt on it. (I thought it was funny that everyone was wearing red.)
Up they go!
Wheeeee! My heart drops just watching it. But how fun it looks!
I dig this chick. I think I look and feel like her some mornings. They had some really cool decorations.
Aiden wasn't too sure about this fake gorilla at first. He growls and shakes the cage. We finally convinced him it wasn't real and got their picture.

Captain Drew and Pirate Noah
We stood here for quite awhile watching them all dance. It was so much fun. Here they are dancing to the Monster Mash!
Hard to see, but Todd and Aiden are sitting in the very first row for the Mine Train roller coaster. He loved it!
Aiden trying to put on his mean scary face!
Noah, the birthday boy, waiting in line for the bumper cars.
Aiden by the waterfall.
Drew being forced to get his picture taken. I know, feel for him, he has a rough life.
The Halloween music show we watched. I can't remember the name now. There were 4 monsters and a scientist that sang a lot of fun songs. At the end, the kids got treat bags with lots of chocolate. Yummmy, not that I would know or anything.

We had a blast that day, topped off with a Subway dinner on the way home. It was agreed by all that we were glad that we made the trip and we wished we could fit in one more day there before they close for the winter.


Mom said...

So glad the weather was that good-at least better than here. More fun with short lines! and a great ending for Noah's birthday weekend!

Kat said...

That looks like so much fun! Glad you lucked out with the weather. :)

Deb said...

Sounds and looks like tons of fun Kelly...

looking forward to seeing everyone on Saturday... :)

Aunt Cindy said...

Really looks way more fun with the halloween theme going on...we should try to do a whole family trip some fall....Glad you all had a good time, and what a special birthday treat.

Beth said...

Glad you guys got decent weather after all & and had a blast! I'm sure Noah will want to do this every year for his bday now:)