Friday, October 2, 2009

Hunting Season

Hunting season has arrived much to the chagrin of wives everywhere who become hunting widows. Drew isn't quite ready for deer season but Grandpa Ken, Uncle Scott, and his Daddy have been giving him some practice with squirrel hunting. A few weeks ago they went out to give it a try. I was a little nervous but I guess somewhere along the line, I said he had to wait until he hit the double digits to start this stuff.......I think back then I thought that would give me a lot of time!! they are getting ready to leave. Aiden had to put on his camou hat too and get in the picture.

Grandpa Ken giving Drew some tips.

Drew doing some target shooting. Apparently shooting a can and an apple off the target was a piece of cake for him. Lord, help me.
His first squirrel. He's so proud. I feel a little queasy.


Jessica said...

Way to go Drew! I can't wait to see your first deer here in a couple of years!

Mom said...

Oh the hunting men.....I dont see the excitement-but they sure do! Hope Drew always is safe with guns-and enjoys it as much as his uncles and grandpas do

Beth said...

Yes, Bow Season has arrived in our household...Matt is at the cabin for the weekend as we speak. What fun.

Drewdles, way to go! You'll be shotgun deer hunting with the big guys soon.

Kelly, I feel for you. I am already having anxiety attacks and my boys are still a few years away from shooting guns.

JeffBoz said...

Attaboy Drew. Proud of you.

Deb said...

Awesome, Drew!

The pictures remind me of Brandon's first time with the shotgun. Almost was bigger than him...boy does time fly!

Dianna said...

Ah Kel, from one hunting (and football) widow to another....holy cr*p!!!!
Think of it this way, there will be one less kid with you when the guys go hunting!

Amy said...

Such cute photos!!

Aunt Cindy said...

I am sure both of Drew's grandpas, his uncles and his DAD, especially, will make sure Drew is taught, and made constantly aware of the importance of HUNTERS SAFETY...right guys???? this is MY godson we're talking about!!!! So while you are being VERY safe Drew, enjoy the passage, and past-time and time spent in male-bonding in that age old sport of hunting....I'm off to the Mall.