Sunday, October 25, 2009

Field Trips & Pumpkin Patches

Second time was a charm. Our first attempt to take the 2nd graders on a field trip to the pumpkin patch got rained out. We had wonderful weather on Wednesday thank goodness! We got to take a hay rack ride, go through the corn maze, pick out a small pumpkin and a gourd, eat cookies and cider, and learn all about pumpkins and skeleton bones. It was a fun afternoon!

2nd grade class. I love this class, they are so cute and fun.

Princess Aiden

Aiden, Noah and classmates enjoying the presentation about pumpkins and skeleton bones.

So this weekend I realize Halloween is a week away and we hadn't gotten any pumpkins to carve yet. It was a gorgeous day and we didn't have anywhere to be so we headed to Mill Creek Farm for pumpkins.

Noah's pumpkin had a bad case of the Fuglies. Have you ever seen such a thing?? That's what he wanted though.
Drew likes 'em big and beautiful.
We thought this was the one Aiden had picked and then he decided to get a fugly one like Noah's. I can't wait to carve into those tomorrow night.
Tomorrow night is pumpkin carving night.....after roller hockey that is! What's the best part about carving the pumpkins??? Roasting the yummy pumpkin seeds!!!


Kat said...

Oh my gosh, those boys are so cute. And I can't believe how big they've gotten! WOW!
We still haven't been to the pumpkin farm because the weather has been so cold and rainy. Stinks. I really hope Thursday or Friday is nicer because they have off of school and it is kinda our last chance.

Great photos! Have fun carving and roasting! :)

Dianna said...
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Dianna said...

Parties, Six Flags , pumpkins and fall colors? My color is green! Send some of ALL of that and some crisp weather too please*!*
Miss you!

Mom said...

It was a perfect weekend-those fall pics of the boys are fantastic. Now those ugly pumpkins of Noah and Aiden's....not sure! Maybe better once they are carved!