Monday, October 26, 2009

Fall Portraits

I had been anxious to take some fall portraits of the boys but it's been rare to have a nice beautiful fall day and have the free time to do it in. This weekend we finally had some nice weather, some beautiful fall colors, and some free time so I said, "Let's do it!". The boys weren't too thrilled but they humored me and gave me some good shots. In fact, I actually had a hard time deciding what I wanted to have developed. I was happy with the results although the perfectionist in me still wants to tweak some things with my editing software. I got a backwards compliment though....when Todd went to pick up my prints that I had developed, they wouldn't give them to him until he showed proof of copyright. Apparently they thought they were professional and I was trying to make illegal copies. It's kind of funny.

My Beautiful Boys.

My favorite of the three of them!!!
My sweet Noah.
Drew looks too grown up.
Aiden's mix of impishness and sweetness. Wanna guess which side he falls on more often?
It was starting to get overcast and rainy looking (imagine that!) when I took these. I thought this would be a beautiful spot too with the lake in the background. But by this time, I was getting the fake smiles and goofy looks. Noah's expression in both of these cracks me up! LOL


Jan said...

Beautiful pictures, Kelly. You really got some great shots.

Beth said...

I said it before, but cute pics! I know a few people (Cindy included) who had that same issue when they went to get their photos:) Did you go to Walgreens or Walmart? That's where I've heard of it happening in the past.

Jill and Todd said...

Thanks for sharing the pics. Good shots indeed.

Mom said...

great pics....I am not sure that you or Beth, or any family member should ever use a "professional"-you cant get better than this!

Deb said...

Great pictures Kelly! I love the one of Drew 'in the tree'...or at least it looks like it with the leaves in front and behind him! I always have wanted to get photos with the beautiful fall colors always seems that by the time we get around to it...the leaves have already fallen. So glad you made it happen. :)

Kat said...

Those are gorgeous! Such handsome boys. And the photos really do look professional! WOW!
I haven't been able to take our annual fall photos yet cuz of the weather too. :(

Aunt Cindy said...

Great pictures...looks like they were quite cooperative with you...I would have had a hard time deciding too.

I had "Need a release" issue at is a bit of a compliment, but frustrating too. They were quite rude to me and basically said don't come back here.

Amy said...

Wow Kel...these pics are awesome..maybe you should start your own business!

Jessica said...

Great pics Kelly! You did a wonderful job, and the boys look adorable.