Tuesday, April 29, 2008

An Awesome Weekend

We had an amazing weekend. It started off with Todd and I going to Heartland Lodge with the Multisport Club. Todd and I had decided to do this trip without kids so the boys stayed with his parents. We got to stay at this amazing lodge here....

and sleep in the comfiest bed ever............
Can you say Jacuzzi baby??? Woohoo!! A very relaxing way to end the night, complete with wine and strawberries thanks to Todd. If only I had one of these at home....
This is the view of the other lodge from the porch right off of our room.

This is one of the spectacular views we saw from our hayride.

This is a picture of everybody that went. We were the only ones that didn't bring our kids. Were we smart or stupid??? We enjoyed our time together but also spent a large majority of time with 9 other kids!! They were great kids though and we sure missed ours. We will definitely bring them with us next time because they would have had a blast. We did biking, running, mushroom hunting, a hayride, bonfire with s'mores, and had the most amazing spread of food at every meal. They feed you like a king there!! Everyone is already talking of doing it again at the end of August sometime. It is such a beautiful area with so much to do. It was definitely a relaxing and fun weekend.
When we got back Sunday we were supposed to have a cookout at Dad's cabin but the rain and cold took care of those plans. Matt and Beth decided to have us over to eat at their house instead. That made the boys VERY happy b/c I knew they were upset about not going to the cabin. We had great food and great times. Just watching the 6 cousins together is the best entertainment there is. The weather got nice enough that the kids were able to go outside after we ate.
Here is a picture of Ty and Aiden driving the gator. They were so cute driving around the yard like big guys. It makes you wonder what kind of conversation these two year olds were having.
Video of my future mountain climber. He's climbing up so he can go down the big slide with his Aunt Beth.

I had posted a picture awhile back of Drew and Grayson. Noah saw it and wanted his picture taken too. Doesn't the cat look so thrilled to be in it?


Abbie said...

Eh, don't feel guilty, I think it's great you guys were able to get some time away for yourselves!! :)

What a fun time!

Beth said...

OK, now I so want to visit Heartland! I think you should be glad you didn't take the kids & enjoyed the romance of it.

The cookout was so fun. One of those perfect nights...crying and all ;)

Greyson looks so thrilled with Noah. Don't you wonder what HE'S thinking?

Dianna said...

What a wonderful weekend Kel~forget the kids...can I come next time?

Glad you guys got some alone

Kathryn said...

Wow! That place looks like heaven! So beautiful.
Glad you were able to get away for a little while, just the two of you. That is so important.

Mom said...

I think all the other parents were probably thinking you two WERE the smart ones! That place is really pretty. The cookout was fun...even with all the stereo crying.I was just glad none of them belonged to ME