Thursday, May 1, 2008

The House That Jack Built......Is Building.....

Ok, I know my family is groaning over that title but, c'mon, that's good. :) For those of you that don't know, my dad's name is John, often called Jack by people he grew up with, and he and my Uncle Tim are building a house for him and my mom. I'm trying to get pictures throughout the process.

This is Day 1 when they dug the hole. The boys are getting a kick out of seeing all of the construction equipment. It was pretty neat to see them breaking ground. It's really happening!!
We went to John Wood Community College this morning to sign Drew up for a few classes at the Children's College this summer, so on the way home we swung by and got to watch the cement truck. Aiden really enjoyed that.
Grandpa John is in the white shirt.
It's been so exciting to see this long time dream of theirs finally begin. I'm so excited for them and look forward to all the wonderful memories our family will make there. I will cry like a baby though when they sell my childhood home. It will seem too wierd to not visit ole Hazelwood Ct. anymore.
Onto other subjects before I get too sentimental. Mom brought these beautiful lilacs over the other day from her lilac bush. I love, love, love, the scent of them. When the boys came home from school I told them to smell them. Noah takes a big whiff and says "They smell just like I died yesterday!" Hmmm, not sure what that means.

I took some pictures at Noah's soccer game last night. He scored a goal too. He was so excited and proud of himself. Go Noah!!! (he's the blue shirt on the far right)
Big Kick!!
Afterwards the 5 of us went out to eat at Gem City Pizzeria with Johnna,Mark and kids along with another couple and their 2 kids. We had a blast and the kids all behaved so well, especially since we were there FOREVER! We can't get enough of their chips and salsa either.
Happy May Day everyone!!


Mom said...

Your pictures compliment what I have taken-we are never there at the same time...I would like one of the cement truck. Way to go Noah-looking forward to seeing your game on Monday.
Hope this does not turn out to be a true House that jack built!Thank goodness for Tim's input

Aunt Cindy said...

The way I've heard it told, your grandma named her first son John to call him Jack after her brother that passed away young. He WAS Jack until he met and fell in love with your mom who liked the the name John better....see what love will do to a person? I am just surprised the siblings fell in line with the change.

Looks like the guys are working hard on the house, and I'll keep my fingers crossed for no more rain until they can get the concrete done. And I am sure Tim is more than helpful, but John did build his cabin and it is still standing and not one of us hasn't enjoyed it at one time or another. I am sure we will all have fun at the new house too...we'll take our memories from Hazelwood with the tossing in the air of little kids on the blanket that later ripped. That was a great party.

Beth said...

Great pics Kelly. We didn't make it over there this morning so the boys enjoyed seeing the cement mixer. Hopefully we'll catch it on one of the other times it'll be there.

Our neighbors have three huge lilac bushes & our entire yard smells so sweet right now! The boys & I even stole a little branch to bring in the house. They won't mind:) Your bouquet is beautiful.

We're hoping to get to one of Noah's Saturday soccer games these next few weeks. He looks like he's enjoying himself as always!

Abbie said...

HAHAHHAHA 'they smell just like I died yesterday'?? HAHAHHA OH my goodness, that it hilarious!!

How excited that they are getting to build their dream house! Good for them!