Sunday, May 11, 2008

My Awesome Mother's Day

My wonderful Mother's Day started off last night. Todd bought me Lavendar Vanilla massage lotion from Bath and Body works and gave me a full massage in the candlelight. There is not better way to fall asleep. This morning, I got to sleep in, a luxury for every mom, and then I got dressed and Noah and Drew took me to breakfast at Starbucks. The boys gave me some adorable gifts and cards and I had to take a picture of a few of the things. I'm sorry they turned out blurry and hard to read. I'm too tired to go back and try again! This first is from Drew. They had to spell out MOTHER and fill in descriptions about us. I thought it was sweet.

These next two pages were questions asked by Noah's kindergarten teacher and she wrote in the answers. I laughed out loud and some of them. If you know me, you'll get the humor!

This is the boys with Grandma Tunie. Her and Grandpa Ken and Scott came over for lunch and Todd spoiled us with shrimp, ribs, new york strip steak, garlic bread, Third Street fries, and the Olive Garden salad. For dessert he made Crepes Suzette. MMM, lunch was a piece of heaven and we felt spoiled. During the afternoon, Aiden napped and the rest of place played games, watched tv and relaxed. Todd took a much deserved nap!
We went to my brother and sister in laws for dinner with her family and mine. My brother made delicious chicken on the grill, roasted potatoes, and we had asparagus, fruit salad, salad and for dessert, Todd made a Chocolate Raspberry Cheesecake that was to die for. The boys had a blast playing and we had fun entertaining Ellie.

Here's the picture of Beth with Blake, Ty, and Ellie

Grandma Paulette with all SIX grandchildren!Me and my Aiden Sunshine
Me and Noah
Me and Drew
Me and my Godson (and nephew!), Tyler. I love his smile. (I'm upset that I didn't get one of Beth and Noah together, I'll have to do that next time I see them) Me and My Boys (could ya keep the tongue in Noah??)
We always like to do a goofy shot. I think we succeeded in looking silly!!
It was honestly one of the best Mother's Days I've ever had. I feel so loved, so lucky, and so blessed to have the family I have. My hubby made me one lucky woman when he married me and even more so when he gave me my three incredible boys. They are the best gifts in my life and even on the worst of days, I wouldn't trade my life for anything. Sometimes being the only female in the house is a good thing. I'm "their girl" and they take pretty good care of me.


Beth said...

I love your gifts from the boys...I laughed at the "Chicken noodle soup from the can" comment & the "lover of Ghost Hunters"!

Glad you guys came tonight. It was a great way to celebrate Mother's Day & we got some great shots. I cannot believe we forgot a picture of Noah & me together though...I was so upset when I loaded my pictures & realized it. We'll snap one soon.

Aunt Cindy said...

Happy Mother's Day Kelly. I am glad your day was so full and so blessed. I loved all the pictures, but believe it or not the Silly Shot is my favorite because I know your boys will love that you were silly with them too.

Weber said...

What a wonderful, wonderful day! You are indeed one lucky mommy! Glad it was so special. You made me SO hungry though!!! LOL.

GREAT pictures.

Mom said...

There isnt a better gift than being with those special people in your life-what a wonderful day being with my kids (missed you Nate), my super grandkids, and to round it out a great son-in-law and daughter-in-law. Add a delicious meal and the company of my other "in-law" the Leachs...what more could anyone ask for? And pictures too!

Kellan said...

What beautiful pictures!!! That does sound like the best Mother's Day ever- I'm so glad it was so wonderful for you! Take care- Kellan

Abbie said...

That is so awesome!! I'm so glad you had such a beautiful day!! :)

Kathryn said...

That sounds absolutely lovely! Great photos!

Dianna said...

Makes me miss you guys even more...

You deserve every bit Kel*!*

Todd, you are AWESOME*!*

Amy said...

Hey You! Love those pictures of you and your boys and your sweet!! The best thing I cook is pizza from a box...LOL..;-)