Thursday, May 15, 2008

My Little Fish

Last night the 5 of us went swimming at the Y. Todd usually takes the boys every Monday after school while I'm still at work. Noah was anxious to show off his new "skills" to me so we decided to all go swimming last night. All three boys have always loved the water. Noah had one problem though, he did not want water to touch his face, not even a splash! It makes it hard to teach one to swim when they have that fear. Well, fear no more, Noah has conquered it. He will now swim underwater, jump off the edge of the pool and splash around. He's like a new person. I think the fancy goggles help a bit too and that's ok with me. We didn't get many photos last night but took lots of mini videos.

This is Noah jumping off the edge and going under. You should see how proud of himself he is. It just melts my heart.

Drew doing one of his dives into the pool. I always hated to dive, always got water up my nose and I got so disoriented under water. Drew will try just about anything in the water and does it well.

Aiden sporting a lovely blue noodle. He thinks he's so big swimming around with nothing but that on. He'll even hold his breath and go underwater with daddy! I decided to sign him up for swimming lessons with his big bros for this summer. He's so eager to learn.

We finished off the evening with a trip to TCBY. It was Waffle Cone Wednesday and that is one of our favorite cheap treats!! What a great way to end the evening with the boys.

I just had to add this picture from the other night.

Noah and his Aunt Beth. Seriously, could they be any cuter??


Weber said...

Oh, how fun!
You have such a wonderful family!!

Kathryn said...

That's awesome! That gives me hope for my Joey who is afraid to put his face in the water. Yeah!

Kellan said...

Cute videos/pictures!! Goggles are very important! All of my kids LOVE to swim (Aleix is downstairs right now screaming, "Can we go swimming?").

Have a good evening - see you - Kellan

Aunt Cindy said...

What a wonderful picture of Noah and Beth. I am glad you had such a good night at the Y. Being a good swimmer is really important, and I am sure Todd, especially, realizes that.

Mom said...

Loved seeing the those boys love the water! Noah has amazed me! It makes me so happy to see them not only being good in the water-but loving it too. That pic of Beth and Noah is precious

Beth said...

Okay, I love that picture of Noah and me. I haven't loaded my Kodak camera yet so haven't seen what mine look like but I definitely want a copy:) He is so adorable.

I'm proud of Noah with getting his face wet while swimming. There's no stopping him now. You know my boys love the water & I'm sure Ellie will too. We'll have to all get together to swim this summer. It'll be fun;)

Kellan said...

Hi Kelly - thanks for coming by today - have a good weekend - Kellan

Dianna said...

love your guppies*!*