Saturday, April 5, 2008

The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly

This week has been full of a little bit of everything. I'll start with the Bad, so everything else makes more sense!

BAD: Noah started running a fever Tues night and by Fri was still running a fever and his coughing was getting worse. I took him to the dr. and like I thought, he had pneumonia again (he had it in Oct too). It didn't seem to be as bad this time as it was only in one lung but he feels much worse this time, probably because of the fever. So he is on Zithromax and although he's had one dose, he's actually feeling worse today because now he has sinus congestion kicking in which makes the cough worse, plus that dang fever is still hanging on 4 days later!
Another Bad (with some Good mixed in), cuddling with Noah in your lap (good), and having Aiden get jealous (bad) and saying "No, I'M your sunshine" (good). Although it was sweet, he has been so rotten this week with Noah being home sick and not getting my sole attention like he's used to. I did enjoy having some special time with Noah during Aiden's naps though. I hate that he's sick, but I sure do miss him during the days and enjoyed having him around.

GOOD: Drew melted my heart this week. Wednesday night he was out with Todd and Aiden and asked to stop at Walmart. He's my little shopper. This time though, he wasn't shopping for himself. He used his own money to buy some new Pokemon toys for Noah that he knew he'd like all because Noah was sick and Drew felt bad for him. I got teary when I saw him come home with such an extravagant gift (He spent $15 of his own money, which is a lot for him). I hugged him and told him how thoughtful and sweet he was and that if Noah didn't act too excited, it was b/c he was feeling really miserable right then. Well, it really perked Noah up and he was thrilled. That made Drew's day to make Noah feel a little bit better, even for a moment. And my heart was touched that he did something so selfless for someone else.
Another Good, watching Alvin and The Chipmunks movie and falling in love with the adorable Alvin, Simon, and Theodore even thought you know they are just computer generated animals. It's also awesome finding a movie that all five of us can sit and watch together and enjoy.
One more Good, when I got off of work Friday I ran into my Aunt Janet and she was on her way to meet my Aunt Jer and Aunt Jane for lunch and she invited me along. We ate at the Thai place down from where I work. I had always wanted to try it and it was soooo yummy. Aunt Janet treated me to lunch which was incredibly sweet of her (Thank You!!) and I enjoyed some time for myself before going home to a sick one, an onry one, and Drew who has been an angel this week, thank goodness!!!

UGLY: Watching your sick child have coughing spasms so bad that he can't catch his breath and he ends up throwing up from choking. It broke my heart. Also, doing everything in your power to get a first dose of antibiotics in your child's system and wasting a couple doses mixing it with various things. Even uglier, is wanting to strangle said child because short of strapping him down and forcing it down his throat, you don't know what else to do. End result, mixing it with honey makes it go down smooth. Duly noted for next 4 doses.

I'm so glad the forecast is for nice weather this week. I'd like all the boys' coughs to disappear once and for all and get Noah back to his old self. I really jinxed myself last week when I said the only thing we hadn't had this winter was fevers and sure enough, ole Noah got it not too long after. He's definitely had it the worse of the 3 boys this winter.


Aunt Andrea said...

I hope Noah feels better fast! It's been a long winter and I hope the arrival of spring brings good health to all of you.

Weber said...

Oh, I'm so sorry poor Noah is sick again - but how very, very sweet of Drew.
We love Alvin too. We just watched it again tonight with all of us snuggled on the couch.

Hang in there!


Dianna said...

Would you stop letting those kids lick grocery cart handles already?

Love you all and hope the d*mn crud leaves you the h*ll alone for a while!

Jer said...

Hope poor Noah is getting better and that you get some sleep. It was wonderful seeing you and having lunch together. I really enjoyed it. Aunt Jer

Kellan said...

I hope Noah recovers quickly - I know how hard that pneumonia can be on you - poor little guy.

Glad you had a nice lunch with your aunts - that sounds wonderful.

Hope you are having a good weekend - see you this week - Kellan

Beth said...
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Beth said...

Poor Noah! I hope it's getting completely out of his system....he seemed to be doing a little better at your mom's. That Drew sure is a sweety! What a great big bro!
My dad & I took the boys to see Alvin & the Chimpmunks at the theatre when I was still pregnant. We all LOVED it! Glad you guys enjoyed it too. Didn't you just want to get up and dance to it:) Sorry for the deleted comment...wanted to add about the movie.

Aunt Cindy said...

That Drew...he is sure one special person! What a great big brother, but he is always thoughtful of others, so no surprise there. I hope Noah feels better really soon. I can not believe how much illness you've had to deal with this winter. HOpefully spring/summer will take care of that for them. And You.

Mom said...

Hope all the illness is behind you-and the nice weather on the way to enjoy with well children. I really enjoyed the Chipmunk movie today with forget they are not real......

Amy said...

Bless you Kelly! You poor thing! I hope he's starting to feel better, it's so awful when they're sick like that! It has been such a hard, long winter for you guys..try to keep the faith, spring is on it's way!