Tuesday, August 14, 2007

We're Going Bonkers!

Blake, Drew, and Noah

Mr. Ty

Us girls met at Bonkers this morning for our play date. We usually hit a different park each week but it was way too hot. Beth and I brought the boys and Johnna came with hers plus an additional two and Erica came with her boys. The kids had a blast. We spent almost 3 hours there and I have to tell ya, I'm beat!! I know that play area is meant for all ages but there are some parts that are hard to get through when you're tall like me. I was practically doing an army crawl through some areas and trying my darndest to keep up with Aiden!! Drew was a great big brother and took him through it too and Blake had fun playing with the big guys. I thought this pic of Ty and the one of Blake,Drew and Noah on the slide were just too cute. I tried to get one of Aiden but he seems to have an aversion to the camera!

Todd did get this cute one the other night. Aiden usually isn't allowed in his older brothers rooms b/c there are too many things in there that he could choke on, make a mess with or break so they keep their doors shut. Last night, Drew took Aiden in his room and they climbed in Drew's bed while Drew read Aiden his book. Aiden got to hold the moose Drew bought in Colorado and then Drew gave his beloved stuffed owl to Aiden to sleep with last night which Aiden loved. Aiden thought he was entering the forbidden land or something when he got to go in there. I thought it was so sweet. Drew said he'd do it again.

Drew may kill me someday for posting a picture of him in his underwear....


Aunt Cindy said...

my sweet Godson...what a great big brother he is!!! And forget the underwear...check out how long-legged he is...he may be taller than Todd before you know it!!! Glad you 'girls' had fun on your playdate day...You and Beth are both such good mothers, that you put most of the rest of us to shame. Enjoy the rest of your limited summer vacation

Mom said...

Glad you all finally got to Bonkers-I know the boys really had fun together-they always do! Hope Drew watches out for his little brothers like this forever....such a great big Brother