Saturday, August 18, 2007


Just one of the cool play areas for the kids in the water park-this one was indoors. The boys had a blast here.

Aiden loved "driving" in this red car. It had a video screen in it so it looked like you were really driving and it moved back and forth.

Aiden and Grandpa Ken played air hockey against Noah. Aiden would hit the disc and then slide his white piece (what the heck is that called anyway?!) across the board and laugh and giggle. Needless to say, Noah won this game!

They had junior carts also so this was Noah's first go-kart driving experience. He was so cute. He would be so busy looking around and showing off for us, that he would run into the sides. We were laughing so hard. I hope his driving improves before he turns 16.

Drew was just barely big enough to drive the big carts and they gave him a chance--he did great!! He drives very well. I kept trying to take his picture and he kept doing his "cool" pose. He thought he was so big driving the big cars, you should have seen the excitement on his face when he got done!

This is Drew going down the steep purple slide. No way would I go on it, but Drew will brave anything. He had so much fun with all the various waterslides at the park.

Our trip to Fun City was Fun to say the least. We saw sooo many people we knew from Quincy there, it was kind of funny!! We could have gone to the pool here at home or the mall and not see anyone we knew and we saw tons of people there. The water park had something for everyone. Noah was literally about a 1/4-1/2 an inch too short to ride the water slides and some guards would say he was ok only to have another turn him away when he got to the top. I have to say, I was very proud of how he handled it all. Todd and I were getting pissed b/c kids his height and shorter were riding slides and one guard said it's b/c they got a special mark on their band from the head guard making it ok. Todd had a word with her, needless to say. But Noah still had fun on all the kid slides and loved the lazy river. Aiden enjoyed both also. Go-karts was a blast. Aiden was so excited. You could tell he remembered them from our trip to CO. He rode with Grandpa Ken the first time and I don't know who enjoyed it more! Drew and Noah both rode with us and on their own and I know they both enjoyed getting to drive themselves! The arcade there was awesome, even I loved it and I usually don't get into video games much. The boys played Lazer Tag too which was pretty fun. The hotel was nice, the food was nice, and the whole fun city attached to it was fun and very affordable. It was worth the trip and I'm sure we'll do it again sometime.


Aunt Cindy said...

Sounds like a great way to wrap up your summer vacation with your boys. NOTHING on earth is better than seeing the joy on your kids faces and having a good time with them. Thanks for sharing your experience...I've been dying to hear what that place is like, and now I almost feel like we were right there with you....maybe next time.

Jer said...

What a fun day! Makes me happily remember taking my own little ones to fun places--and now my grandkids. As Cindy says, there's nothing like it.

mom said...

What smiles on those cute faces...hope you dont get any race car drivers out of the bunch after all the go-carting. Good way to end the summer