Wednesday, August 22, 2007


I took this picture before school this morning (why is everything underlined?? Oh well) I was a little nervous because yesterday Noah started getting really nervous about kindergarten. He was scared about a new classroom, a new teacher, eating lunch at school, riding the bus, etc. He got up last night after we tucked him in and was really upset because he was worried about leaving Aiden. He was afraid that if I couldn't take care of him by myself, something could happen to him. I assured him I would take good care of him and if something came up to where I couldn't, I would find someone to help me. Todd and I got a laugh out of that. So I wasn't sure how today would go. He was hesitant walking in but when he saw how cool the room was set up and saw all of his friends, he was ok. Before Aiden and I left I asked him if he was going to be ok and he said "I think so mom".

We walked Drew to his room first and when he found his desk and sat down, I asked if I could take his picture. He said "No mom, I think you've taken enough". His teacher was laughing at that. Sheesh, can you really take too many pictures???

Taken outside of school.
So I go to load the first day of school pictures on the computer. I'm looking through them and then I come to this picture...................
I had bought Todd a new shirt for his first day back to school also. So he set the timer on the camera, put it on the counter and kneeled down in front of it for his first day of school picture. As you can see by the clock, it's 6:10 am which is why no one else was up to see him off on his first day back teaching. He makes me laugh. The shirt looks good though, I've got great taste! :)
So all of my boys had a good first day at school. I just about cried seeing Noah come running off the bus with Drew today. He really is a big guy now. They were all sweaty from sitting in a non-air conditioned school but they both had big smiles on their faces. I knew we were in for a good school year.


Aunt Cindy said...

oh brought tears to my eyes thinking of Noah being worried about going, then the hesitant behavior and finally the heading off fearlessly to start his new year! Your little guys are really growing up and Noah looked even more grown up in "uniform". I am glad the year started off so well for ALL your boys, but shouldn't Todd be wearing Devil Blue?

Mom said...

All your boys look good on their first day of school...wont be long before Aiden will be joining those pictures.

Aunt Andrea said...

The boys looked adorable. They'll all be home soon with the early heat release.