Sunday, August 5, 2007

This is something you don't see very often.......

Parents are lucky to catch this sighting.......siblings playing together nicely and getting along. It's a sometimes rare occurrence. In all seriousness, this was too sweet yesterday. The two older boys have spent more time playing with Aiden lately and it's so cute. Aiden thinks he's big stuff hanging with the older bros too. In this picture, they decided to teach Aiden to play a Fisher Price Barnyard Bingo game that they had when they were little. Aiden had a blast with it. Drew and Noah have a close bond being close in age and all and I've always worried that with there being a bigger gap between them and Aiden that Aiden would feel left behind. But Drew and Noah are always so good about including him in stuff they do, it warms my heart.

We had the Klauser reunion last night. It was VERY hot but a lot of fun. I love that Todd and I both come from large families. The kids have so many cousins to play with and the had a ball. There are so many little ones too that I got to have my baby fix. Aiden has 7 cousins younger than him on the Klauser side and 3 more on the way. Think we'll ever run out of babies to play with?? Drew and Noah were SOOO good playing with the little ones too and taking them down the slides. It was a wonderful night. The boys stayed cool having water balloon fights. I caught this pic of Aiden eating a cupcake. His hair was all wet and Todd took off his shirt so he was quite the dirty child by the time he ate this!! Needless to say all the boys came home and took baths last night!

Todd taught Aiden something funny. He calls me "hot mommy" and makes a sizzling sound. It cracks me up. It's better than when he calls me Kelly, I guess. He only does that when I'm not answering to "mom" but it's wierd having your 1 year old call you by your first name! He's also been very protective of me lately. He gets mad when Drew or Noah cuddle up to me and tries to push them away. I've tried countless times to explain that I'm their mommy too. So now he'll cuddle up to me, and yell at them "MY Mommy, MY Mommy". I don't think they like that too much.

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Mom said...

So nice when the siblings do get along...and then there are the other times....I hope Drew and Noah teach Aiden ALL good things.I dont know how you survived being out in that heat Saturday night...unbearable