Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Busy Weekend

Friday morning we got to watch Blake and Ty while Beth went to the dentist. I don't know who enjoyed it more, me or the boys! All 5 boys had a blast playing cars and we got out ALL of them. It was fun watching them all play together.

We hit the KofC BBQ Saturday night. Luckily the rain didn't last long but it sure was humid afterwards. This year Aiden was big enough for little kid rides. Noah rode the airplane with him and he had a blast. He also rode the motorcycles, the carousel with dad, and went in the bounce house.

Drew rode with Blake on the rollercoaster and Noah rode with his friend Ella behind them (green shirt). It was cute watching them on that.

I have a lot of cute videos from the BBQ and from Fun City. I need to find a way to post them on my blog. Hmmmmm.................
Quincy Multisport Club Banner

Saturday morning was the 1st (hopefully annual) Multisport Club Triathalon that Todd put together. It started with an open water swim at Lake Marian (Todd's parents house) followed by a bike ride and then a run. They had a good turnout and great weather. This pic is on the beach right before the start of the swim. The boys and I got up and went over for the first part and then we had to leave for Drew's first soccer game. Todd was really happy with how he did, he even beat his time from the Tri-Jesus triathalon.
Sunday was Grandma Tunie's 60th birthday so we celebrated with lunch at their house. The boys worked hard to make her some special gifts that she got a kick out of. Sunday night we had a pool party for cub scouts at one of the scout leaders' house. They had a nice pool and it was a relaxing evening. I was so proud of Noah--he swam all the way across the deep end on his own. I didn't realize he had learned how to doggy paddle and he was showing us. He even jumped off the diving board and doggy paddled across the pool. Aiden even went off the diving board into Todd's arms. I love that all 3 boys enjoy the water so much and are so comfortable in it.

Now we are gearing back into another school year. The week certainly didn't start off good though. Last week we were getting ready for Fun City. We got the van all packed up, the 5 of us buckled up and off to pick up Gma T and Gpa K and the van wouldn't start. It made wierd noises but that was it. It had been acting funny when we started it so we thought the starter was going bad. So we had to unload, load up in Tunie's Durango which has one less seat and less storage so we were a bit cramped. We had the van towed and it was going to be fixed when we got back. So they replaced the battery saying the starter was fine and something with the connection to the battery and not holding a charge. So we're good.
Here's how Monday starts out. Todd gets up early for school. At 5:45 am Drew runs in my room saying he's going to get sick. I send him off to the bathroom. (why do they feel the need to tell you first, RUN to the bathroom!). Aiden wakes up 10 minutes later and will NOT go back to sleep. (Drew by the way, never got sick and ended up feeling better but it made for a rough morning.) I'm feeling rotten for the second day in a row from my pulled muscle in my back, HORRIBLE PMS, and a headache and exhaustion. And I've still got to get to work. So I get the boys to mom's house and drop them off. I go out, van doesn't start. What the hell. I can't even take mom's car to work b/c I parked behind her. We finally get a hold of dad and he picks me up and takes me to work (thanks Dad!). Fast forward thru a long crazy day. We get the car to Ford (thanks again for dad's help). Today they call and said it was the battery and they put another one in. I said they just put one in Thursday. He said it was a bad battery and now we should be fine and there was no charge. (thank goodness) So we'll see tonight if the van works. My boys can't be late for their first day of school tomorrow. But even as crappy as the day went, it didn't seem so bad once I talked to Dianna. My best girl friend had an emergency appendectomy over the weekend. Now THAT really sucks!! I miss ya girl, and I wish I was there to help you out as you recover.
Today has been a better day. It's our last day of summer vacation and the boys just wanted to hang out at home and relax. Ok by me!! We just finished getting their school supplies labeled and packed into their backpacks. I always love buying new school supplies. I'm excited for tomorrow and nervous too. This is going to be a big change for all of us.
I'll definitely post 1st day of school pictures tomorrow.

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Mom said...

Always hate missing the KC BBQ and seeing the boys on the rides. But I enjoyed the visit with the Beuckmans. First days of school are such fun-getting back to that routine and all the new supplies. I know Drew is excited and ready-hope Blake and Noah enjoy their first days too.Aiden will love being an only child during the day!