Thursday, August 2, 2007

Is there anything better??

"I wuv ooo Mommy" Aiden has been saying that a lot lately. It just melts my heart. We were playing on the floor last night and he walks over and wraps his arms around me and says that with a big smile. The only thing better than my boys telling me they love me is the cuddles, hugs and kisses that go along with it. It is definitely a piece of heaven.

Aiden has started galloping a lot lately. Which is really funny because it's not like we all gallop around the house here. I'm not sure where he learned it but I'm impressed because most kids don't learn it till around preschool age.

It's been too hot to walk outside lately so this morning I went walking in the mall. I took Aiden with me in the stroller so Todd and the boys could work on cleaning their bedrooms really good. It was so fun. Aiden sat so good with his Barney and Elmo and let me walk for a half an hour and then I let him play on the little playground by Penney's. Then we walked some more while he ate his snack and drank and then we played one more time before coming home. It was just us and about 20 old people walking and they got a kick out of him. We may do that more often. I really need to get my butt motivated to exercise more.

Mommy and Noah 2004

Mommy and Drew 2001

Mommy and Aiden-Children's Hospital after getting unhooked from all the IV's and various tubes. YAY! 2005


Todd K said...

I love the way your face lights up when you have one of our boys in yur arms. They adore you and cherish having you by themselves. You can see the love in their eyes when they are with you. You can see pure joy in your face in each of these pictures. I love you Kelly for the wonderful mother you are.

Aunt Cindy said...

wow kelly, not only do you have 3 of the sweetest boys around, but a husband that is equally as sweet!! He is right though, you do light up, not only when you are cuddled up to one of your boys, but you love shines through when you talk, or write about them too. You ARE a pretty special the hot mommy story...can't wait to hear Aiden's sizzle sounds