Thursday, August 30, 2007

Day From Hell

What if I told you the easiest part of my day today was getting my wisdom tooth pulled?? You'd say I was full of crap. But really, it was all downhill from there. I worried so much about getting this wisdom tooth pulled and it was such a piece of cake! Really. The only downfall of it was that part of my root broke off. The Dr. did xrays on it and says he thinks it will be ok and shouldn't give me any problems. (otherwise I'd have to go to an oral surgeon). So I'm on antibiotics to make sure it doesn't get infected. The worst part was when he told me nothing hot to eat or drink, meaning no coffee. I hadn't had time for my morning coffee and was looking forward to it afterwards.
As much as I had dreaded the start of school, the one thing I looked forward to was time to myself every afternoon while Aiden napped. I hadn't had that yet since they had so many early dismissals due to the heat. The only full day of school they had happened to fall on my day to work. So today was going to be my first afternoon to myself. NOT! Aiden had fallen asleep on me at HyVee (after a tantrum, so fun) so that little catnap kept him awake later than usual. I finally get him ready for a nap and as we I go to put him in his crib, his nose starts bleeding. I don't know what 's up with this kid and his nose but he gets nosebleeds that are awful. It looks like something from Texas Chainsaw Massacre. I'm trying to get his nose to stop bleeding, he's touching his nose and touching everything else and pretty soon, there is blood everywhere. So off to the bathroom, clean him up, change his clothes, change sheets and everything else, and clean the carpet, stuffed animals, etc. I finally get him down for a nap at 2:30, the boys get home at 3:05. So my half hour consisted of eating a bowl of lemon pudding I had made for my lunch since I couldn't eat real food and reading some of my book.
But wait, it gets better. The headache from hell that I had the day before comes back, no toothache, which just blows me away but a headache. I'm trying to get supper going before Todd has to leave at 6:00. I go to get the milk out of the refridgerator, and.......I'm feeling faint just thinking about it again........I spill a FULL pitcher of RED Kool-Aid INSIDE of the fridge!! Of course it's on the top shelf and it leaks down to every shelf and every drawer in my fridge and onto my kitchen floor. I just want to cry. I take a few deep breaths and my dear husband comes in to help out as much as he can before he has to leave. It took me a good part of the night to get that cleaned up and mop the floor, etc. The good part is, I had "clean out the fridge" on my list of things to do this week. Well, I guess I can check that one off! It's pretty darn clean now.
So I'm finishing up and take all the wet towels and such down to the laundry room. The boys are all in the living room supposedly watching Aiden. I hear Noah yell that Aiden is in the bathroom. I come running in and the toilet water is up to the rim, toilet paper is floating around and Aiden's arms are soaked up past his elbows. I give up, I just toss him in the tub and Noah hops in too (he takes baths for fun) and scrub them all up. I've about had it with Aiden and the toilet. Now that he knows how to open doorknobs, no rooms are safe in this house anymore.

Those are the highlights of my day. I'm saying screw it to the soft foods since my tooth feels good and I'm starving. I have homemade french fries in the oven-I've been craving them. I also think a nice glass of wine will finish off my day just fine! Tomorrow will be better, no doubt.


Cindy said...

well...what a day...I don't think I even know what to say, and you know how rare that is!!! Hang in there...I'm with you...tomorrow can only be better.

Mom said...

well you had me chuckling...but I know at no stage were you laughing today. Thre is nothing more irritating than a spill inside the fridge. And I KNOW how fast Aiden is and his obssession with the toiket and NOT for potty training. I have lost several full rolls of TP. SO smile -Friday HAS to be better!

Jer said...

Poor Kelly. I'm sorry you had a rotten day. But someday in the future (FAR into the future) you'll re-read this and laugh.

I lost a roll of toilet paper too, but it was two dogs that did it. Sigh.

Beth said...

Sorry you had such a crappy has to be better right? And just be thankful the kool-aid wasn't spilt on your carpet, huh?...had that happen...not fun either:)