Friday, June 12, 2009

Flashback Friday--The Nate Edition

For Flashback Friday I decided that since my youngest brother Nate is moving home permanently after graduating from college and his graduation party is this sunday, I would do a little flashback on his life.

We had a little different relationship. I was almost 13 years old when he was born so I was able to have a more active part in taking care of him. I changed his diapers, rocked him to sleep, babysat him, etc. I loved when he would wake up from his nap and stand in his crib calling to be picked up.

This picture was taken the day Nate was born.....September 20, 1985, the day after mom's birthday, what a gift! Can you tell I was a proud big sister? I was head over heels in love with him. (I remember when mom and dad broke the news that they were expecting. I said it had better be a boy, because I wasn't sharing my room. Thanks for listening Nate!)
Nate and his big brother Matt. They were dreaming dreams of hunting their first big buck.
One of my friends had a baby our senior year of high school and we often got to babysit her. Nate was so cute with her.
Nate, always the entertainer.
This is Nate "helping" me move into my college dorm. Yes, I graduated high school the same year my baby brother graduated preschool and my brother Matt graduated 8th grade. My parents didn't believe in having kids close in age, can you tell?? I loved when Nate would visit me at school. One of my favorite memories was when he came trick or treating at my dorm dressed like a leopard. When he left, I asked him for a kiss and he licked my cheek....he said it was a leopard kiss.
March 28, 1999, Drew's birthd day. The day Nate became an uncle for the first time. I always thought it was cool that I was 13 years older than him and he is 13 years older than Drew.
May 2004
Nate's High School Graduation
The 3 Siblings
My brothers can never be serious.
Family picture 2004. There have been 3 more kiddos added since then!

Last but certainly not least, Nate's College Graduation.
May 2009
I enjoyed going through old pictures and I found so many of you Nate, you were always a cute little booger. I've enjoyed watching you grow up and I'm so proud of you being a college graduate. Now it's time to grow up and hit the real world. It's really not all that bad. Love you.


Mom said...

Loved that blog Kelly.....Nate used to hand down some clothes to Lauren-think she would wear his things now????? Loved him in the box-kind of like Christopher! Thanks for the smiles, the tears, the memories...

Nate's Godmother said...

I read through the entire blog, smiling and with tears, but what stuck in my head was the line that said "my youngest brother Nate is moving home permanently" ....I kept wondering if you mom knew it was PERMANENTLY!!!

seriously, nate was as cute as a button and ALWAYS full of life..he NEVER slept for fear of missing a single minute of it in the beginning, and he has barely slowed down since.

Enjoyed the Flashback on Nate, and I'm looking forward to celebrating his great accomplishment of a college degree with him on Sunday.

yay Nate

Jessica said...

How cute! Nate was always so onry, but hilarious. I remember dressing him up like a girl when he was about 10. He looked good in lipstick.

Congrats Nate! We are all proud of you!

Beth said...

Great post Kelly! Can't wait to celebrate Sunday!

Deb said...

Loved your post, Kelly. Nate is a sweetheart!

Looking forward to seeing everyone on Sunday! ;-)

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