Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Father's Day

We had a crazy busy weekend. Friday night we went out with 3 other couples. One of our friends was in town from Vegas so we all went out to dinner and back to Brad and Erica's house to hang out. Turns out 3 of us couples had no kids until the next day. We definitely took advantage of it. Margaritas, sangria, some Wii (yes, we bowled and rocked out to Guitar Hero) and lots of talk and laughter. We didn't get to bed until 2am. Whew, didn't know I could do that anymore. Saturday was busy setting up for our schools' Junefest and then working at it Saturday night and hanging out there. Sunday was a family reunion for my side of the family and then dinner at the in-laws. To say we were exhausted by sunday night is an understatement! But it was a fun weekend. I didn't get many pictures this weekend but managed to get a few.

Here's Todd with his 3 boys on Father's Day. And me and my Dad and brothers at the reunion.


Cindy said...

Nice to hear your weekend kicked off with good times with old friends...those times are always special. Had fun seeing you at the rest of the weekend events.

Deb said...

Great pics, Kelly!

Mom said...

Busy weekend....but glad you all have fun! I know time spent with old friends is always the best!