Sunday, July 22, 2007

What a week it's been. It's hard to believe we've only been home from CO for a week, it's been so busy. Last weekend Todd's cousin Kevin was in a motorcycle accident. They found him unconscious with a dead deer nearby so they're assuming he hit it. He had staples on his head in 3 places, a punctured lung, broken collarbone and I don't know what else. The scary thing is, his short term memory is horrible. Todd's dad went and saw him two days in a row and he didn't remember seeing him the day before. When Scott saw him they had the same conversation twice within a half an hour. The tests aren't showing anything so hopefully it's from the concussion and will wear off soon. They just had their first baby last month so I can't even imagine how Brooke is coping with a newborn plus all of this with Kevin. We're hoping and praying he's back to normal soon.

We got the results of Noah's kindergarten testing back. He scored 105 out of 117. I'm pretty pleased with that--he's definitely ready for Kindergarten. Now I just have to get myself ready for it. :( I'm really proud of him though, on vacation he did so much better about getting his face wet in the water. He's decided, on his own, that he's finally ready for swim lessons. And he was ready to take real ones, not just have daddy work with him. So he starts tomorrow at Wavering. It's every day for two weeks so I think that will be a good start. I'll feel so much more comfortable once he learns all the basics. I'm so proud that he's taking this big boy step.

Todd and I had a special date Friday night. He won it on the silent auction at the St Dominic's Picnic. We had dinner at Lakeview and went to see the musical version of Footloose at the Community Theatre. Dinner was awesome, we go to sit outside by the lake, which we've never done before. Footloose was amazing! I loved it. It made me want to get up on stage and sing and dance with them. If only I had the talent! A few of the kids Todd had taught so that was neat for him. We went to the St Anthony's picnic last night. It was really nice. This was the first year in as long as I can remember that the picnic wasn't horrible hot. The weather was beautiful. A good time was had by all and the kids were very well behaved. Today I got to have my Drew and mommy date. I took him out for lunch. He chose Lakeview first then we remembered it was closed on Sundays. He decided he wanted Papa John's pizza and we took it down by the river and sat and ate and watched the boats. Then we went to see Hairspray. We loved it!!! I was dancing in my seat. I'm going to have to get the soundtrack to it b/c I can't get the songs out of my head. Then we went shopping with Todd and the boys and spent too much money but got a lot of their school supplies and clothes for them and Todd. Wednesday is my date with Noah. He won't tell me what we're's a surprise. He had talked about us going to hunt for caterpillars so I'm hoping he's changed his mind!

I do have a funny Drew story. He's been REALLY wanting a Nintendo DS and wants to save for one and then will sell his Gameboy. He was talking about what color he would want and all today. He then was talking about looking at the fish pond and what they cost there and I asked him what he meant. He said it's a place where you can buy them cheaper. I was still confused and he said maybe it's a duck pond, he couldn't remember the name of the place. I was really lost by this time until he said. "There's one downtown and one across the river" I absolutely lost it. I laughed till tears were rolling down my cheeks. He meant the PAWN shop, not POND. I'm still giggling about it as I type. Too funny.

Gotta get ready for bed, another long day at work tomorrow. I'm working 2 days per week till the end of the summer plus a saturday here and there so work is keeping me busy on top of everything else. The extra money is VERY nice though and I love this busy time of year at the store. It's so much fun.


Aunt Cindy said...

Wow, YOU have had a busy week. I am amazed at all you guys seem to fit in. I am happy to go to work and crash into bed at night. This is the first time I have ever seriously considered hiring a housekeeper, and if I keep having to work this much overtime I just might do it!!! (I worked more than Uncle Joe did this week---ouch) But I am with YOU....the extra cash has been WONDERFUL>>>I did some major damage at Kohl;s this weekend.

I loved Drew's POND SHOP story...Your kids are too funny, and who would have thought a 8 year old would even know what a pawn shop was for. So what color DS did Drew think he wanted at the pond store?

Jer said...

I loved Hairspray too, Kelly. It was wonderful.

And I am really looking forward to having my grandkids play with Drew, Noah, and Aiden when we get there. Won't be long now. Love, Aunt Jer