Friday, July 27, 2007

Bad news at the dentist on Tuesday. My one crazy wisdom tooth has to be pulled. I never had one come in on the bottom so this tooth never had one to meet it and it has slowly been pulling away in the back so I got food caught back there a lot and was always flossing it. He always mentioned pulling it and I said not until I had to. Well now it has a cavity so out it comes. I'm not scared of the pain or anything. Just the thought of having my mouth propped open with instruments in there makes me want to gag. I'm a gaggy person anyway. But I will survive. Luckily I've made it 35 years and this is only my second cavity. And since it's getting pulled out,does it really count? :) I also tried to give blood yesterday since my last blood work said I wasn't anemic anymore. Guess what, blood count too low. I was at 11.8 and you need 12.5 to give. I feel like a reject this week! :)

Swim lessons are going well. Noah went all the way under water yesterday and didn't even hold onto his nose. I"m so proud of him. This is such a big step for him. Drew is taking lessons too. It seemed silly for him to sit on the side when his age group was at the same time as Noah's and he needs more practice too. So they are both having fun.

Todd and I had a little "date" on tuesday night. When I came hom around 9 he had pizza ready and we sat out on the porch swing. He had candles all lit up and some Mojitos for us to drink. It was so relaxing. Then we came in and watched Xanadu. Can you see he was buttering me up?? I thought it was sweet. Noah and I had our date on Wednesday. He wanted to eat at Pizza Hut and we went to see Ratatouille. We did the buffet which was awesome. The movie was cute but a little long for a cartoon. I was so tired too. I guess I fell asleep because I hear Noah going "Mom, mom, are you asleep??" Before I could deny it, he said "Your eyes were closed" Ooops, guess I dozed off. Does that make me old?? I've enjoyed having all the one on one special time with my guys this week. I want to have a lot of that before school starts up next month.

Todd's cousin is doing better. His memory is improving so they are optimistic. I can't imagine not remembering what I did yesterday. Wait, I already have that problem.
I did find out that his aunt Angie is in the hospital in Springfield. She is having twins and due next month sometime. Both babies are in the same sac so they are wathing them to make sure they're cords don't get tangled. Hopefully they make it safely through the rest of the pregnancy.

That's all for now in the Klauser house. Tball is over, small break till soccer starts. Todd has joined the new Quincy Multisport Club that meets on thursdays. They do different routes of jogging and biking and sometimes swimming, like small triathalons. There are a lot of people that he sees in the races he does. He is really enjoying it. I'm having all the girls over for drinks and snack tonight so I'm looking forward to that. Woohoo.

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Aunt Cindy said...

I say doesn't count if you have a cavity in a tooth that most of us don't even have and that you too will soon be losing. I was asleep when mine came out, so I wish you luck on being awake through it.

Sounds like you guys are keeping really busy this summer. It has sure flown by though and school will be starting up before you know it...then you will have lots of one on one time with Aiden. Enjoy these last few weeks with all of them at home...including Todd.