Sunday, July 15, 2007


Bozarth Family July 2007
Our trip was a huge success. My only complaint for the week was that Aiden slept like crap and with all 5 of us in one room, that meant we all slept like crap. But our days were wonderful and we were all in decent spirits. Driving was a piece of cake, the boys did absolutely wonderful. Arriving in Kearney the first night was exciting because of the water slides and water playground for the boys. All 3 of them had fun.

On Day 2 we stopped in Loveland to hit the outlet malls and of course we hit the Dam Store on our way into town. After checking in, we had to hit our favorite picnic spot in Endovalley to eat supper and the boys had a blast throwing rocks in the water as well as getting to see some animals.
You can barely see the deer in the background.

On Monday we did a hike up to Bierstadt Lake that was absolutely amazing. There were plenty of rocks for the boys to climb and the lake was gorgeous with ducks to feed. But the trail coming down was by far the most beautiful part of the trip for me. I was blown away by the view, it was like being on top of the world.

Todd and Aiden took a nap during the stroll. :)

Looking refreshed after a little snooze.

Family pic at Bierstadt Lake

This picture does not even begin to compare to the actual view. It was amazing.
Cindy gave us a warning to watch out for the poop on the trail. Thanks to her, no one stepped on it.
When we got to the bottom, there was a deer that came right up to everyone and let the kids crowd around it. She even ate right out of Drew's hand.

The three youngest kiddos got their first taste of the go-karts and the big slide. Aiden and Ty didn't care for the big slide but they and Blake LOVED the go-karts. I got to take Aiden first and he was so excited. I don't know who had more fun, him or me!! He just laughed and smiled the whole time. When we were done, I unbuckled him and he tried to buckle himself back up and said "More, more". So I told Todd to take him b/c he had so much fun. Drew, Noah and Blake loved the slide and the carts. They were all so cute on them. Cousinly Love!

One of our other favorite places to visit is the Alluvial Fan. I could hang out there all day with a book and a coffee (or mixed drink!). We got a LOT of good pictures there.

Me & My Godson!

Friends & Cousins
The one afternoon we took the boys to rock climb. They had so much fun. The walls were at least 2 stories high. Drew did awesome as I knew he would. I thought Noah would get scared being so high with nothing but a harness holding him but no way. He was awesome. They both went all the way up and did it 3 times each. We got some good video too. They had a blast and it looked like so much fun.

Weds. evening mom and dad took all 5 grandkids to McDonald's and the playground. Matt and Beth went to Mama Rose's to eat and Todd and I went to this really cool place where you could sample wine, cheeses, and meats and they came with different olives, breads, dried fruits, nuts, grapes, etc. It was heavenly. We each tried 3 different wines, 3 cheeses, 2 meats and all the goodies that came along with them. It was something different and fun and it was very filling.

The drive home was a bit interesting on Friday. We had the cartop carrier which has been a pain from the get go. We were at the end of the pack and we ended up passing Joe and Cindy. A couple of minutes later we hear Joe on the walkie talkie saying something about the carrier and the strap. We could hear the strap flapping on the roof so we pulled over to see what was the matter. Todd comes over to me and says "our luggage is gone" I wish I had a picture of my face when he said that because I think my chin was in my lap. WHAT?? My first thought was I hope it didn't cause a wreck. My second thought was that it had been over an hour and half since we stopped for could be anywhere. But Joe said it was just a ways back. He didn't see it come off but saw it tumbling into the ditch between the highways. I hoped like hell everything was in one piece b/c we had the backpack carrier for Aiden that we had borrowed, mom and dad's fan and a suitcase of all of our dirty laundry. I sure didn't want my dirty underwear all over the interstate. But luckily we found it pretty easily and it rode the rest of the trip on our empty seat. We are 2-2 with car top carriers. They both only last one trip. IF we ever decide to buy a new one, it will be a hard top carrier. Obviously the soft top aren't strong enough for this family. We laugh about the whole story now but it still scares me to think of what could have happened if it fell off the back end of the van instead of the side, especially since Joe,Cindy,Eric and Cody were behind us. I would have died if something happened to them.

Here's a few last pictures from the trip. There are too many to post them all.


Aunt Cindy said...

Great pictures, Great Posting, and another Great Vacation shared with the best family (and new friends this time too) ever!!

The car top carrier story is so funny really...YOU should have seen Todd's face when we pulled off the interstate behind him and he was just holding the empty carrier cover...PRICELESS

Mom said...

Loved the pics and the stories behind them-good blog. I am glad the car-top carrier story ended on a good note-so we can all laugh NOW> but if and when you get another one....there really can be used more than once!I hope our extended "family" enjoyed this trip as much as we did!

Jer said...

Great pics and great memories, Kelly. I remain jealous. Aunt Jer

aunt jane said...

kelly and todd, do not buy a car top carrier, we have a hard one like matts and doubt we will ever use it with having the truck, i loved the story, glad no one got hurt, loved all the pictures

rob said...

What a great story! So glad no one was hurt and that all turned out okay. Those are some great pictures. Take me with you next time. Please.

Love you guys.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful scenery, beautiful kids, beautiful family... Aren't you glad you enjoy being with the people you are related to?-such a blessing!
I saw the photos on Shutterfly-looks like the Bozarth clan had another wonderful time. Glad you're back safe!
Love, Dianna

Aunt Andrea said...

The pictures are beautiful! I'm so glad you all had a wonderful time and nobody got hurt!