Tuesday, July 3, 2007

We had a busy but fun weekend. Friday night started out with Drew's baseball game. Then I went to a wine and cheese tasting party at Johnna's house. Her husband volunteered to drive the women home. It was a lot of fun. I hadn't drank that much or been up that late in a long time. It was a blast. We decided we needed to do it more often. Johnna just had Erica, me, Jill and a couple of teacher's from her work. I'm going to host the next one at the end of July and have all the girls over for mixed drinks. Todd offered to drive everyone home this time. Wooohooo!!

Saturday was our Kuhlman family reunion. The day flew by and after 7 hours, we finally left the park! But go home we did not. We headed over to mom and dad's for pizza for supper. Sunday I busted my buns around the house to get cleaning done and then we ate supper at matt and beth's. Everyone going to CO this weekend came so we could talk about the trip and watch old vacation videos etc. It was a lot of fun.

Noah had another good one liner that night. On the way over to Matt and Beth's we were talking to Drew about his nail biting habit. I said we needed to come up with something else for him to do whenever he felt the urge to bite his nails. He suggested chewing gum which I said was good. I asked him what else he could do instead of biting his nails. Noah chimes in, "You could grab your wiener." I about died. Obviously that isn't an option. The boys all have a problem with that one already!!
I just had to throw this picture in for a laugh. My best friend Dianna has two girls. This is her youngest, Mallory. She found and proceeded to eat an Orange washable marker. I can just hear Mallory laughing hysterically in this picture. I'm sure Dianna had fun cleaning up this mess.


Mom said...

I always get a chuckle out of Noah's comments-I believe he may make you laugh in future years just to keep you from strangling him....he is your Nate!

Aunt Cindy said...

It really was a busy weekend, and I have not gotten a thing done since to prepare for our trip...I'm starting to stress. I may just "pretend" that I am at a wine tasting part all week!!!

That darn Noah....he is a hoot. I had not realized Drew had a nail biting habit....too bad he is not a girl. I bit my nails terribly until about age 10, when our sitter had beautiful long painted nails and I wanted them too. Quit right then...but I don't think that will be an incentive for Drew...or I hope it won't ;o)

Mallory is a doll...even covered in orange marker. Dianna makes adorable kids.