Saturday, July 21, 2007


I have a million things to write about but no time now so posting a few pictures really quick. Will get back to this later.

The bricks were finally installed at Quincy University. A little over a year ago, me and some girlfriends bought a brick in memory of Kathy and mom bought a brick that has her,me,Todd,Matt and Beth on it w/ our graduation years. They are finally here and they turned out great. I'm so happy with them.

This is the area of QU where they are located.

Todd also got a tattoo for his 35th birthday. It is really neat and has a neat story behind it--he designed it himself. It is an Icosadodecahedron (c'mon, you knew there would be some math in it!). It has 6 perfect circles that overlap and every 2 of them are linked together. It forms pentagons and triangles. The pentagon is 5 sided and we are a family of 5. The triangles are 3 sided for our 3 boys. The bands all overlap and keep us intertwined. Each of our names is on a band and the 6th band around the outside is God. Is that cool or what?? He got it on his thigh. Aiden had to have on too so Todd let him pick out one from all the temporary tattoos we have. Aiden is now sporting a Spiderman on his upper thigh and loves to show off his "tat". Drew says he wants one when he grows up of a snake wrapped around a sword. Ugh, I hope he changes his mind about that one!!

I would like to get one for my 35th too but need to decide on what. Right now I like the idea of a green 4 leaf clover for good luck and then I can put a T,D,N,and A on each leaf. We'll see.


Aunt Cindy said...

of course you love your bricks....the family one starts with Kelly Klauser....really they are great and Kirby and I walk past them most every day. We have to now walk in a circle to see them both, and I am sure that if anyone is watching, it looks silly, but we enjoy seeing them both.

Not being a fan of tatoos myself, I have to say Todd did a fabulous job of thinking it out and designing an original one that has some true meaning behind it. It sure is a birthday present that will last forever.

aunt jane said...

I can't believe Todd got a tatoo, I thought about it when I turned 50. I love it and look forward to seeing it, more special because of design

I love the bricks, I would like to get one too someday, e mail me the cost, what a nice honor to your friend

Jer said...

Love the tattoo. Since I got mine when I turned 55, I'm thinking of getting another for my 60th.

Paulette said...

Have to share the story with all-when John saw our brick, he asked why everyone's last name was there-except Kelly had her first name......he is slow.I love the brick-and a good price for a permanent memory $125...except waiting the 1 year 1 month to GET the brick was irritating.

Beth said...

I would never have thought Todd would get a tattoo but it is pretty cool. Did it hurt? I would love to get a small one when we're done having long as it's easily covered up if wanted:) I like your idea for yours.