Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Colorado Revisited

Some things that I learned on our CO vacation.

1. I am now addicted to Dill Pickle flavored sunflower seeds in the shell.

2. Don't expect a place that sells stamps and postcards to sell postcard stamps. That would make sense wouldn't it?

3. Don't expect to get your own ticket when you go to an eating establishment.

4. Just because there are tables open, doesn't mean there are seats available.

5. If you want clean towels, you have to throw them on the dirty floor in a wet pile. Don't we spend our lives teaching our kids NOT to do that???

6. Don't expect the hotel to provide soap or shampoo. Apparently conditioner is all you need.

7. Do not promise your 8 year old he can try the bumper boats, they are never open.

8. Who says you can't have a snowball fight on a warm sunny day??

9. We can't get cell phone service in our own home, but dammit we can get it from the highest mountaintops.

10. Soft car top carriers ARE aerodynamic. When Joe says he thinks one of your straps is loose, it really means all of your shit is gone.

11. No matter what Dick says, there are no lambs with pink bows. He doesn't know a llama from a stick in the ground.

12. Sippy cups can evaporate into thin air.

13. add your own....................


Aunt Andrea said...

Since I wan't in Colorado...Don't expect looking at the pictures of the trip, to even come close to the experience of being there...The pictures were so great though, that I felt like I was there, and I did't have to pack.

Aunt Cindy said...

kelly did pack.... but it didn't matter...all her clothes wound up in the median of the interstate anyway!!!

Great Post Kel...I wish I could add to it, but "i got nothin'"

Jer said...

Don't think you can breathe at the top of the mountain.

Todd said...

14. If your transmission light comes on, just ignore it, you only have 900 more miles to go.

Mom said...

Chipmunks do go on vacation-where were they this trip?
You can survive 5 grandsons at McDonald's and the park for 1 1/2 hours
Being with your family for a week can be the greatest time of your life!

Kelly said...

Bird-Kote IS safe for human consumption. Just ask Blake, it's not just for birds anymore.

Uncle Joe said...

We did seem to have a lot of trouble with the service about everywhere we went but I think we all had a great time. I sure enjoyed spending time and getting closer with all of my great nephews. Although everytime I do Aidens happy dance I throw my hip out.
Great Post Kelly
It is a lot of work keeping the masses entertained isn't it?

Eric said...

Who knew you could be so funny. You are way funnier than Aunt Jer, and she takes classes!