Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Ski Trip

This post is long overdue but I wanted to get it done before I started posting pictures of the great Blizzard of 2011. :)

A couple of weeks ago the 5 of us went skiing at Snowstar up in Andalusia, IL with the Boy Scouts. Todd used to ski when he was a kid but the rest of us were first timers. I was so excited because skiing was something I always wanted to try. Wouldn't you know I woke up with horrible back pain (thanks to shoveling snow) and couldn't even bend over. The 2 1/2 hour ride up was very uncomfortable. I tried to be a good sport and I spent the day watching my 4 favorite people ski and taking pictures. Luckily as long as I stood up, I didnt feel too bad. Bending and sitting was no fun.

The boys took to skiing like it was inborn in them, honestly. We paid the $5 for ski lessons. Since it was mostly adults and kids Drew's age and older, they all went in one group and then Noah and Aiden got their own personal instructor which was amazing. She was so good with them. Drew couldn't get in for a snowboard lesson for another hour so he gave it a go on his own.

Here Noah and Aiden get ready to go down the bunny hill with their instructor for the first time!

Drew trying out the snow board on the bunny hill. He eventually got a little frustrated and switched to skiis. He never took a lesson, just went out and started skiing.
This is the 2nd hill they mastered, it had little ramps and other fun stuff to do. Noah is in the brown coat on the left and Todd is helping Aiden go over the little jump.

Self portrait of Noah and Todd on the ski lift. I think all of the boys enjoyed the ski lift as much as they did skiing down those bigger hills!
Noah skiing down one of the bigger hills.
Drew heading down.
Todd and Aiden going over the jump again. He was loving it.

The weather wasn't too bad. It had been brutally cold the day before but I think it got up to 18 that day. Yes, that was cold, but we had tons of layers on and there was no wind. The boys had a blast. Thanks to Grandma Tunie and Grandpa Ken....this was our family xmas gift from them. I think it might be an annual xmas gift now as we are all excited to head back there!
When we left we met cousin Kris, Brian, and sweet little Katie for supper at a neat little pizza place. I was excited to find out that we were skiing near where they lived and we enjoyed getting to meet up with them and visit. It was such a wonderful day. To see the sheer joy on the boys' faces as they coasted down the hill. It made me want to be out there with them so bad. Next year. :)


Mom said...

What a fun day for all (sorry your back was acting up)-your boys are so good at anything athletic. Loved seeing the pictures

Kat said...

ACK! My comment just disappeared!


I'm so glad the kids had so much fun! Sorry to hear about your back. What a bummer! Next time you'll be joining in for sure!

5 dollars for lessons???? That is awesome! We would have gotten our littles lessons if it was only 5 bucks! The hill we went to charged $25 per kid. Course it was for three hours and included lunch, but still. We weren't exactly willing to spend that much. ;)