Friday, February 25, 2011

An Early Birthday Gift

Drew has been loving roller hockey and having a blast with it. His Grandma and Grandpa Klauser asked him if he'd be interested in seeing a Blues hockey game for his birthday gift. Drew said he'd love to see the St Louis Blues play the Chicago Blackhawks. Lucky for him, they happened to play each other on Monday afternoon, when Drew was off of school for Presidents Day.

On Monday Todd and Drew headed down to St Louis early enough to hit a few stores and eat lunch at Union Station before walking over to the stadium. Todd was able to get some good photos---they said they had awesome seats--and got some video too which I'm attempting to upload now. For some reason I can rarely get it to work on blogger.

Todd and Drew's 'self-portrait' before the game.

A couple of action shots.

Drew sporting his Blues hockey jersey that he received for Christmas from us.

The final score......unfortunately the Blues lost but it was a close game until the end.
He was so excited after the game. He even bought a hockey puck and a Blues ball cap as souveniers. I know Todd had every bit as much fun as Drew.....he really enjoyed having a guys day, just the two of them. I can't believe his birthday is coming up in a month....the big 12. His last year before becoming a teenager. Oh my.


Kat said...

That is so awesome. What a great day for them both!

I wish my Todd could do more one on one with each of the boys but man, the ones left behind REALLY FREAK OUT when it isn't their turn. It makes it so hard. Ugh.

Aunt Cindy said...

That is sure one happy birthday boy....The seats looked amazing, and I love Drew's jersey too. Gma and Gpa Klauser hit this one out of the park---Great Gift (for both Todd and Drew) I can not believe he will be 12 soon either...where do those years go?

Mom said...

What a great time for both of them...know Drew will remember it forever.

Beth said...

I know Drew had to love that! So glad he got that time with Todd too.

Can't believe he'll be 12 in a few weeks! And hopefully we'll get to meet the newest grandchild then too:)

Jan said...

What a great gift for both of them. My kids used to love to go to hockey games with their Dad in Erie. I didn't like it so they would go on the week-end that I had to work.

Deb said...

Great pictures...and post, Kelly! What a great memory for them both! :)

dianna said...

Fun boy that!
Drew, stop growing bud, I don't like it ; )