Thursday, February 17, 2011

More Winter Fun

I figured I'd better post the rest of my snow pictures. That warm spell we had melted all of the snow from the blizzard and gave us a glimpse of springlike weather. I'm hoping these are the last snow pictures I'll have from this winter!

A couple of weeks ago Todd and Noah headed up to Camp Eastmen (up by Nauvoo, IL) with the cub scouts for a day of winter activities. They did all sorts of fun activities. These are just a few that Todd captured on film.

The weather was just warm enough that the snow was packing great. The kids had a ball rolling snow for snowmen, snow balls, etc.

They panned for 'gold'. Noah even went back a second time to get more so he could make something special for me for Valentines Day. I'll have to post a picture of it soon. So sweet and thoughtful and who doesn't love a little 'gold' for a gift? ;)

They got to try out snowshoes.
For one of the boys' scout meetings, Todd had the boys over and they built this dog sled. They had fun pulling each other around on it.

One snowy Saturday a few weeks before that, we had our cousins Carter and Ian over to play. The boys had a blast in the backyard. Carter is 3 so our little hill was just perfect for him. He's a smaller version of fear and wanted to be like his big cousins. He hopped on the sled head first and took off down the hill.
Noah and Aiden slid down together.
Aiden is a little free spirit.

Noah took Carter for a ride.
Little Ian stayed inside with us girls. Doesn't his cuteness just kill you?? I'm in love with this kiddo. He's my little buddy.
He was so proud of his popsicle. :)
Drew was supposed to camp at the winter cabin with his scout troop the same weekend that Noah went up to Camp Eastman. They had to cancel because of all of the snow. A lot of the backroads leading up to Camp Saukenauk hadn't been plowed the camp was closed. This coming weekend though is when they rescheduled. Looks like the weather will be a little better too so maybe I won't worry so much!

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Mom said...

What fun-but I do hopr those will be the last pictures this year in snow!!!