Sunday, January 23, 2011

Yes, I Still Embarrass Easily

We were sitting with my friend Johnna and her husband, Mark, at the boys' soccer game the other night. Aiden points to Mark and says "Is it just me, or is he bald?" Mark takes his baldness in stride and jokes around with Aiden. Just then someone they know walked up to them to say hi. He happened to be follically challenged himself. In his usual LOUD voice Aiden says "Look now there are TWO bald guys!".

During Mass, there is about a 20 minute period where they take the kids that are preschool through grade 4 out for their own little lesson on the homily. Noah and Aiden like to go to this. When they get back to their seats Noah informs me that Aiden was talking to much today. Really, that is nothing new. What embarrassed me is what Noah told me next. They kids went around the room and had to say what they are praying for. When it was Aiden's turn, he says "I'm praying for boobs." No, that wasn't a typo for books. My 5 year old son is praying for boobs. I'm sure all men pray for boobs at some point in their lives.....I just didn't think Aiden would be starting so soon.

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Mom said...

I am thinking that Aiden will always be giving you topics for this blog....that may cause you to lose your hair!