Saturday, January 1, 2011


Whew what a whirlwind month December was! I do have to say it was one the best Decembers I had in ages. I was determined to make this a meaningful Christmas and a stressless Christmas. I feel like I succeeded. I didn't pick up the camera as much but I think not having a computer to put them on had some to do with it too. But now I have a working laptop thanks to awesome Christmas sales and Christmas money so I have my pictures back, my itunes, and everything else I couldn't access the past month. Whoooeeee!

I decided to take the lazy way out and post the whole month at once so I can start fresh in 2011. I only have a handful of Christmas memories here but still a lot of pictures.

This is what our Christmas tree looked like when we let the boys decorate. Clumps of ornaments here, bare spots there, but they are so proud of it and I was proud of myself for not fixing any of it. Jack must have liked it too because he was found perching about halfway up the tree.

I love this picture of Aiden and Drew. Aiden just climbed right up on him and they were being so cute together.

In this one, one of them tooted, and of course they were dying laughing. Life with boys right??
The annual boat club Christmas party. Here they are waiting patiently for Santa to call their name. No, the boy next to Noah does not have a fungus growing on his face. They had face painting and he wanted camouflage.
Love the expression on Aidens' face. I can just hear him now "Serwiously, I was good this year"
Noah slyly looking at his gift, wondering what was inside.
Drew was slightly embarrassed at having to sit on Santa's lap but I told him that was the only way he'd get his gift. Oh, the torture.
Aiden smiling sweetly.
We didn't get hardly any picture of Drew and Noahs' xmas program. We could barely see either one from our seats. We did get some good video though. We were able to get some cute pictures of the preschool program. Only about half of the kids are in this picture. After this song, the rest came out dressed as all parts of the nativity. This was taken during the first song, right before Aiden covered his face with his hand and started crying. As he pulled his hand away, he had blood gushing out of his nose and all over his hand. Thank goodness for Dad, who leapt right up there, got him out and we took him to the bathroom to clean him up. Luckily it was one that stopped pretty quickly (his tend to last awhile) and we snuck him back in by the end of the song. Wonder how many people will get to see the bloody reenactment on their video.

One of my favorite pictures of Christmas. A few days before, I walked into the living room and found all 3 of them snuggled up on the floor doing their Night Before Christmas I Spy book together. So sweet.
Christmas Eve at my parents' house.
The reindeer tracks as seen from our living room window.
The year there will be one more in the mix!
Aiden and Ty so excited to open their gifts.
The icy trees the day we went sled riding.
(These next pictures are borrowed from my sister in law---she captured much better sledding pictures than me)
Sled riding was perfect that day. It was warm enough to not freeze, but cold enough that the snow wasn't melting. The kids had a ball and we had this hill to ourselves.
This is my beautiful niece. She couldn't possibly be any cuter, could she?

Aiden, Drew, Noah, and Ty heading down on the toboggan.
My Drewdles posing for his Aunt Beth.
Noah in his 'genie' pose.
Drew 'snowboarding' down the hill on a sled.

My favorite picture of Aiden, completely captures his free spirit.

Looking forward to a new year. 2010 was good to us in so many ways, I hope 2011 does the same. Looking forward to many new adventures with my boys!


mom said...

Love the pictures Kelly-it was the best December that I can remember-mine I think due to so much less working.....and more giving.I cant wait to stick little Luke into that grandkid group

Kat said...

Those are some FABULOUS pictures. My WORD, you have some gorgeous boys. That picture of all three of them on the floor looking at the book makes me want to bawl, it is so precious. Seriously. *sigh*

It sounds like you had the perfect December and the perfect Christmas. It looks just beautiful. :)

Hope you have a wonderful New Year!