Friday, April 23, 2010

Week In The Life-Thursday

A few random pictures from our day Thursday. The pictures are in no particular order because for some reason blogger is being a butt and not letting me rearrange them. I'm tired of messing with it!!

Every day around 3pm you will find Aiden and I anxiousl awaiting the arrival of bus #41. I love watching my two oldest boys hop out of the bus and run into the house.
I finally figured out how to use my camera timer. Yay! Even with our busy schedule, we always make time to have dinner together every night, even if some nights it's a bit rushed.
Aiden had preschool thursday and he was so excited to see that I was picking him up on my bike and trailer instead of the van. Instead of coming right home, he wanted to ride around for awhile. He had the cushy part of the ride. I realized that my legs were out of shape for the bike.....and extra weight trailing behind me!
On beautiful sunny days like this one, you will often find our cats enjoying the breeze and sunshine through the windows or the doorway.

Playing in the backyard after lunch.
His favorite thing to do this week. His mix and match super hero book. You can pick a head, a body, and legs of any of the super heroes and each combination makes a different story. Do you know there are over 200 different combinations?? I think we've done them all 10 times. And after he makes each one, I have to guess which one it is and then it's my turn to make one.
We all relaxed before bedtime and watched old home movies from when Aiden was a baby (see tv screen), Noah was 4 and Drew was 6. Such a sweet time in our life and it passed us by in a blink.

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Amy said...

Loved the pictures, thanks for sharing! It's so great you guys always have dinner together at the table...shhhh..that almost never happens here...

Deb said...

This is such a great chronicle a week in the life. I have been enjoying Beths' as well. Not sure if it was your idea, Beth, or Dianna's...but, whoever came up with it is genious.

Everyday things are the most important memories as your kids grow older. How fun for Aiden to be able to 'ride' home from school that way. Looks amazingly comfortable!

We too try to have dinner together everynight...this week, between trackmeets and scholastic bowls, it's been a little difficult. A couple of them have been around the table at DQ. :)

You and Todd do an awesome job Kelly! :)

Kat said...

Family meal time is my favorite time of the day. :)
Love the color of your kitchen too!