Monday, April 5, 2010

Easter & Maiden Voyage of the Kayak

This was the warmest Easter I can remember since Aiden was a baby. I even enjoyed the thunderstorms that hit us that evening. The Easter bunny was good to us at our house that morning. We then hit church with my family and headed back to mom and dad's for a yummy brunch. We managed to get the kids wrangled for a few family pictures.

The Klauser Five

Beth, Matt, Ellie, Ty, and Aiden

The John Bozarth Family
Us being our goofy selves....or as my sister in law said, The "Real" Bozarth family.

Love it! We always have fun and laugh at the stupidest stuff. Family pictures courtesy of my SIL and her camera timer!

Easter Egg Hunt Saturday night at the big Klauser family dinner in Mendon.

Drew watching.....his first year where he was too old to participate. He was fine with that and enjoyed helping Grandpa Ken get it set up. My big guy.

Easter Sunday at Grandma Tunie and Grandpa Ken's he got a chance to find some eggs!

Some attempts at some pictures of the boys. They weren't really feeling it but they humored me for a bit anyway.

Lakeside. Aiden looks like he is going to fall asleep and fall off backwards.

My Big Guy

My Medium Guy

My Small Guy

*****Kayak Alert*****

Not too long ago Todd got a wild hair to build a kayak. He bought the plans off of ebay for $12 and then was obsessed for the next few weeks. Since he was saving money by building one, he decided to make TWO. Makes sense right? (but not cents) Anyway, the first kayak is complete and we decided to take it on it's maiden voyage Easter Sunday and his mom and dad's house because they have the perfect lake behind it.

Here they are loading it at the paddle boat dock. It's floating!
Drew got to be the first to take it out. Now before everyone starts tsk-tsking me on life jackets, they always have to wear one. But the storms were coming in, we were in a hurry and all they did was a quick circle out and back. I promise my kids will be safe. :) We also did a "tipping" test and the kayak is untippable. Makes me feel better and I am more likely to ride in it now! :)

Todd gets to try out his new "baby".

Noah gets a turn with Dad.
Aiden gets to try paddling.

The family is going to have so much fun with these kayaks this summer both at his parents lake and my dad's lake out at his cabin. Todd made sure to make them big enough so all the kids can ride with an adult if they want to. I have visions of kayak races. :)


Deb said...

Great job on the kayak Todd! We thought they looked great, in the garage, before being draped with the dropcloth! You did an amazing job on the painting...looks very professional! You should be so proud of yourself! :)

Love all the Easter photos too Kelly.

Dianna said...

Oh Kel... I LOVED seeing all of those Easter pics! Looks like a beautiful weekend : )

You didn't tell me that Superman MADE that beauty! Awesome!

Aunt Cindy said...

Great pictures and update....Todd did an amazing job on his kayak. The EAster pictures are great, but in the one of the "Real" Bozarth's.....NOAH looks NORMAL...or is that his silly face???

katherine said...

Very, very cute! Looks like you had soo much fun :)

I love your blog, its great.

Stop by mine at

K xx

Amy said...

Love all these pictures!! I can't believe your husband made a kayak!!