Saturday, April 24, 2010

Week In The Life--Friday

On Fridays, Aiden goes to school so it's my "free" morning without kids. Today Beth, Ellie, and I went garage saling and had a ball. We got some great bargains and ended up getting cold and soaking wet in the rain but we had fun anyway.

After school, Aiden and I took advantage of the cool rainy morning and made homemade chicken noodle soup. At 1:00 we headed down to the Early Childhood Center for his speech therapy.

We came home and since his therapist said he worked so hard and it was still yucky out, Aiden and I made a big bowl of popcorn and curled up with a movie.

The boys came home from school and we went through our Friday stack of papers, notes, etc. Today they each had a surprise in their backpacks.....midterms.

Drew's Midterm Grades----I was one very proud mama.
Noah's Midterm grades--once again, very proud. I loved reading his teachers' comment.
Supper at Applebee's to celebrate great midterms. We kept busy waiting for our food by playing hangman, tic tac toe, etc. Here Aiden is practicing writing his name and was tracing his hand.
Drew dug into his cheeseburger and fries while Noah enjoyed a Riblet basket.

After supper we headed to my mom and dad's to check out the new carpet they put in their basement. Then we headed home. I finished up a couple of craft projects I had been working on. (pictures to come) and then we curled up and watched Noah's baby video. Aiden kept asking where he was and we kept trying to explain that he hadn't been born yet. Seeing Noah as an infant and Drew as a 2 year old tugged at my heartstrings even more.

One thing the boys love on the weekend is musical beds. Tonight we tucked Drew in his bed, Aiden into Noah's bed, Noah into our bed and I get to cuddle, I mean sleep, with him and Todd is supposed to go in and sleep with Aiden in the twin bed. We'll see how that goes!!


Kat said...

Wow! Look at those grades! That is awesome!
And musical beds! I love that idea. I think my boys would REALLY dig that. We'll have to try it. :)
Happy Weekend!

Stimey said...

Look at your smarties!!

Your day sounds awesome. I let Quinn play video games all day. Now I feel like a delinquent.

Mom said...

Love those fantastic midterm grades-way to go Drew and Noah. What a good day even with the rain

Aunt Cindy said...

You are very blessed with such smart boys, and it is a huge bonus that the teacher would make such positive commments on Noah's! They deserved a special dinner out for their great school work! Love the musical beds idea...not sure you and Todd will get much sleep, but you can sleep when they are all away at college taking the memories of a fun home with them!