Monday, April 5, 2010

Drew's Birthday Party

After weeks of agonizing over what to do for his birthday, he decided that he wanted to celebrate with his family at Grandpa John's cabin. I warned him how fickle the weather is in March so our backup plan was to move it to the house if it rained. We were so blessed with gorgeous weather that day. The rain moved out early that morning, the sun came out and it got up in the upper 50's. It was a bit muddy but that didn't keep us from having tons of fun.

Drew got a lot of wonderful surprises. He later told me it was one of his best birthdays ever.

My Catan junkie was so happy to get his own game. Now he doesn't have to rely on the internet to play it. He wanted his birthday cake to look like a hockey rink and found a picture for Todd to copy. The puck??? A Junior Mint.
Blowing out the candles...

We had loads of fun with a big white rope....jump rope, snake, tug of war, you name it. Even the grown ups were out there jumping......and falling. :)

Drew looks like he's doing the Toyota jump. Remember that?

Aiden trying out the new swing grandma and grandpa bought to hang from one of the trees.

Sometimes it's nice to just relax on the porch of the cabin and soak up the warm sunshine.

Ty and Aiden chillin' on the Gator.

It was a wonderful day spent with wonderful family at one of our favorite places to hang out. This is where some of our most special memories are made....Grandpa's Cabin. It only makes sense that it is where Drew chose to celebrate his birthday!


Dianna said...

Wish we could have been there. Drew looks insanely happy in those photos! So glad the weather cooperated*!*

Deb said...

More great pictures of Drew's birthday party, Kelly! Perfect day! :)

Mom said...

It was such a relaxing day-and all that fun with a glad the weather went with Drew's idea