Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Magic Kingdom

I have SOOO been procrastinating on my blog. I have over 600 pictures from the month and a half. I just get too overwhelmed when I sit down with them. Good news, all are edited and now I'm finally gonna start randomly posting.

Today I'm starting with our first day at the Magic Kingdom in Disney World. This is one of our family pictures at the entrance. I had posted this one earlier but I just love this picture.

The afternoon parade we caught by accident on our way out. It had so many of the favorite Disney characters, the boys just loved it and we must have too since we stood in the sprinkling rain for it!

My brother Matt is enjoying his magic carpet ride a bit too much.
My mom look so happy as she videotapes the Grandkids.
Aiden was soooo excited to meet Pooh,Tigger,and Eyeore all at once. He had to hug every single one and he scored all of their autographs.
Another family picture when we saw the castle for the first time. I swear everytime you walk into the Magic Kingdom for the first time, you can't help but get all swept up in the Disney fantasy world.
My brother's family. I didn't get one of my parents and other brother and I wish I had.
My niece Ellie was happy as a clam!


Deb said...

Great shots, Kelly! There is nothing like the Magic Kingdom! So glad you could share it with your entire immediate family. ;-)

Mom said...

despite the heat-the crowds-you cant help but love being In the Magic Kingdom; it just puts a smile on your face-a song in your heart(Celebrate)-and makes the day perfect