Thursday, August 20, 2009

Epcot and Downtown Disney

For some reason I didn't take many pictures at Epcot, maybe because we were there only a half of a day or maybe because it involved a lot of standing around and waiting. But I did get a couple of cute pictures.

Aiden and Noah with Stitch

"You're Never Too Old To Get Your Picture With A Character" Nate and Stitch

The Finding Nemo ride was fun and afterwards we got to walk around and look at all of the aquariums. Ty, Aiden and Ellie got eaten up by a big shark.

That night we went to Downtown Disney, our of our main places to hit down there was the Lego store and all of the Lego sculptures. We saw that last time we were there and with our boys being Lego fanatics, I knew they'd love it. Noah and Aiden both spent some of their vacation money at the Lego store.

A Sea Serpent made out of Legos. I love this one. There were so many cool things made out of thousands of Legos, just amazing.
Everything in these pictures is made out of Legos. We enjoyed walking around looking at them all.

Can you spot Todd with the Lego family and their dogs??
A beautiful sunset on a beautiful night!
***Magic Kingdom pictures in the post down below***


Mom said...

Epcot is my least fav area-but has some interesting things (Nemo-dancing fountains-) and I still want to walk the countries someday and eat something at each. Seeing all those Lego constructions is amazing!

Stimey said...

Okay. Stitch is one scary character. He kinda looks like he's going to eat you. And then I scrolled down to the shark and I started to think this was the scariest post ever.

Except for the Legos. The Legos chilled me out.