Friday, August 21, 2009

Cocoa Beach

I am SOOO glad we took a day to go to Cocoa Beach. It was nice to get away from the hustle and bustle of Disney and just relax in the ocean. The kids had such a ball. Todd and Matt rented boogie boards for "the kids" to ride the waves.....but us adults had just as much fun. I was such a chicken that Drew was trying to show me how to do it. I braved a few waves though and it was a blast. Seeing the pure joy on their faces as they rode a wave to shore was priceless. It was definitely a good day for all.

Everybody is testing the waters.
Noah contemplating something. He's often in his own little world.

Ty and Aiden getting ready to tackle the waves!
Noah caught a wave!

Time to play in the sand and hunt for shells!
Aiden catching a wave.
Blake boogy boarding in....
Ty is the master of the waves.
And....thats it. I know I took more beach pictures. I was going to check my memory card today to see if I didn't upload everything and all of my FL pictures are gone...replaced with 500 triathlon pictures. Not a happy mamma. I wish I had more from this wonderful day but happy that Beth and Mom had their cameras out too!

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Jan said...

Enjoyed the pictures. The 2 times we went to Florida we spent a week at Cocoa Beach at the Wakulla Motel. We drove to Disneyworld for the day but mainly enjoyed the beach and pool.