Saturday, August 15, 2009

Guess What Came To OUR House Tonight???

The Ice Cream Truck!
"C'mon Out Kelly"

How long has it been since you were sitting in your house and heard the magical music of the ice cream truck coming down your street?? I've only heard it one other time in the 14 years Todd and I have been married. But I've heard it hundreds of times as a kid.

The 5 of us were exhausted from our weekend so far and decided to pick up Taco Bell for supper (our kitchen sink is in an unfixable state right now...that's a whole other story) and rented a movie for family movie night. We were sitting there enjoying it when we kept hearing music. It wasn't coming from the TV, it wasn't coming from one of the kids' toys. I happen to look out the window and see an ice cream truck. Todd and I jump up with giddy excitement and he runs out to wave to the ice cream man while I grab my camera. We both knew this could be a once in a lifetime memory to share with our kids. (ok, so we are WAY cheesy) The boys had never seen anything like it.

Check out this yummy menu. Most of this stuff you can't even find in the store! Note: don't eat the Reese's Peanut Butter Cup Ice Cream Bar, it's sinfully delicious and I was 2/3 of the way through it before I saw it had 21 freakin' grams of fat in it. My chest started tightening up just reading that.

The ice cream guys said the city of Quincy had called him to come through and he had been here for 3 weeks. Todd asked him how long he had been doing this and he said 5 years. I certainly hope we see him again. I even got a little teary walking into the house (yes, I'm , sappy, you should know that by now) The sight and sound of that little ice cream truck totally transported me to another time and place. I was a little girl living in Hazelwood Ct. and I heard the ice cream truck coming around. Dianna, me, and our siblings would run in and beg for money for a popsicle or ice cream. On our lucky days, we would run out with a couple of quarters clenched in our fists trying to make the big decision of what treat we wanted. (time flies, we spent $12 for our 5 treats tonight) I had to run and and leave a message for Dianna. I knew she would get the significance of the night and how exciting it was to share that with our boys.
Thanks Mr. Ice Cream Man!


Dianna said...

Oh wow...did you think you were dreaming? Hazelwood Ct, summer, ice cream truck...ahhhh, brings a smile to my face! cream truck ice
no fat/calories.
It's true.

Beth said...

I LOVE the ice cream truck! Just like you, when I was young, we would hear that music, race inside to dig for loose change & hopefully make it back out before the truck passed by. It's where I developed my love for bomb pops!

Send the truck out to our neighborhood if he stops by again!

Jan said...

We even had an ice cream truck come up Spring St when I was little. I can remember the excitement also just hearing that familiar music.

Cindy said...

So happy you can take such pleasure in the little things in life (though 12 bucks is not little) I have the same memory from when I was a kid and you described it perfectly and with the same sentiment I would. I always got an orange push up pop and for some reason we called ours the Dingle-Berry Man!

Mom said...

I had Mr Softie and Kathy and I would wait on my porch for him to come....usually at 10pm every other night. But I really remember you guys at Hazelwood wanting popsicles every time he came around-and it seemed ALWAYS at supper time!!!!