Thursday, August 20, 2009

Hollywood Studios

Disclaimer: My pictures aren't in chronological order and I just grouped them together by theme parks. I didn't feel like messing with all of that. Sorry

Hollywood Studios was one of my favorites besides Magic Kingdom. I don't know if it's all the references to TV and Movies, the shows and rides, the awesome shops, or all of the above. I just like it. Some of my boys' best moments were here. (of course they said that everywhere we went!)

Aiden could NOT wait to meet Buzz Lightyear and Woody. It took me back 7 years ago when we stood in the pouring rain with a 3 year old Drew to meet Buzz and Woody. I was hoping they'd be out and about. (I tried to convice Drew to do a picture with them so I could put it with his 3 year old one but he said no).

Noah was strapped to a firecracker while they were waiting in line.

The big moment!
The Pooh characters at the Playhouse Disney show.
The Klauser family with Sulley. I wish Mike had been there! I would have loved to throw that little one eyed green guy in there.

Ty sliding down a big leaf in the 'Honey I Shrunk the Kids" playground.

"Posing" with a Power Ranger
Watching the Jedi Training Academy. My nephews wanted to be picked so badly to be one of the kids that get to go up and "train" to fight agains Darth Vader. It broke my heart that they didn't get picked but they handled it like big boys. I think all of the kids enjoyed the show though. Drew,Ty and Blake all custom made their own light sabers after the show.
My mom and I just hanging out in the shade.
The 4 youngest grandkids getting their picture in front of the Mickey's blue magic hat.

My boys talked Uncle Nate into riding the Tower of Terror with them and their dad. He rode it 7 years ago and said he'd never do it again so they started calling him "Sally". He rode it. What a great uncle! My boys loved it!
***Magic Kingdom and Epcot/Downtown Disney Posts below***


Mom said...

I love Hollywood Studios too-although I still call it MGM. But I think that was the hottest day for me on vacation.....but loved the Muppet 3-D and the Little Mermaid show.

Jer said...

I finally caught up with all your pictures. GREAT!

Cindy said...

I am SO going there....Such great pitures the one of Noah strapped to the rocket.

Dianna said...

I've been looking at all of your pics on here and the albums you've emailed. Yesterday Mal walked up, looked at them and said, "Hey...they didn't bring US!" Hee day. How much fun would that be?!?