Tuesday, May 5, 2009


How's that for a title?? I'm so creative sometimes.

After all bad and the ugly that happened last week, I felt like posting some of the good from my weekend.

Saturday morning we had perfectly beautiful weather for the annual Dogwood Parade. The boys of course were ready to scoop up all the candy and other goodies that were thrown their way. Here the boys are waving their flags with cousin Hunter. (Drew is the one in back that looks like the unibomber.) After the parade we all headed back to my mom and dad's for pizza.

This might have been about the time that Blake and Noah were discussing whether this older gentleman's beard was real or not. He overheard them and said it wasn't . Just a little embarrassing. :)
I snapped this cute picture sunday night of Noah and Grayson. Seriously could those two be any cuter together when they are sleeping?? Everybody needs a furry buddy.

Sunday I had my Mary Kay Open House to celebrate 5 years as a consultant. Drew, my sweet Drew, wanted to help me with it again. He was so excited for some reason. Not only did he help me clean the house and set all of my stuff up, he showered and got dressed in his suit so he could answer the door for me and pass out drinks and cookies. How lucky am I?? I tried to pay him for all of his hard work and he refused. My sale was a huge success and to thank Todd and the boys for their help and support, I took them to Applebees for supper to celebrate. (ok, seriously, am I really only about a head taller than him?? I'm 5'8" and wearing short heels)
I was cracking up because Drew started posing with the products.

The sun has been shining for a few days now and order is being restored, slowly but surely. The insurance adjuster came today.....that was a little nervewracking. After she took pictures and looked around we came upstairs for an "interview". She pulled out her little voice recorder and started asking me questions. I was a little nervous. Servicemaster came this morning for about the 100th time and we are down to 30% humidity and it's close to dry. They will be back tomorrow to start cleaning and disinfecting. It's an almost sure thing that we will have to replace the padding. Those who know my basement, I ask you this......where in the world are we supposed to move all of our crap...... I mean furniture, toys, and stuff, in order to remove the padding, put new padding in and then, get this, stretch out our carpet??? I'm getting dizzy just thinking about it. If you could have seen the panic attack I had wednesday night when Drew got sick and then this with the basement....well, it wasn't pretty. But I'm sure I'll post more on the basement at a later date. I'm going to go bury my head in the sand and think happy thoughts.......like tonight Aiden, Blake, and Ty have a soccer game and team pictures and they are so stinkin' cute out there on the field. Then I get to come home and watch what I hope to be one of the best weeks of American Idol yet!!


Kat said...

What a great weekend! And what an awesome helper Drew is. What an absolute sweetie!!!

Could you maybe put your furniture in your garage? Some of it on the first floor? Ugh. What a pain.

Aunt Cindy said...

You've got quite a salesman there Kelly...who could resist that well dressed 'man'? Sounds like a good weekend(except for the never ending basement mess) for you. I hope you had just as much fun at soccer tonight.

Deb said...

How awesome of Drew to help out so much! Way to go Drew! ;-)

No one can resist a handsome man in a suit...

Sorry about your basement wows...again...ever thought of replacing the carpet with ceramic tile...NOTHING...not even water can damage it! Just a thought... an area rug would be much less expensive to clean and even replace IF necessary.

Hopefully this water thing won't happen again though.

Have a great day Kelly and thanks for sharing your pictures... ;-)

Jessica said...

I am so sorry that you guys have to go through all of this! I hope that it gets better soon. Let me know if there's anything that I can do!

Love ya!

Mom said...

Drew is just growing up too fast...what a helper he is! I hope your basement woes are in the past really soon......