Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Running With The Bu....Um, Cows

Todd and his brother took Noah and Aiden fishing on Sunday out at their Uncle Gene's lake. He also happens to have a dairy farm and the cows are not shy at all!

Aiden is trying to race them....

This cow decided he wanted a turn with the fishing pole.

Aiden and the running of the cows. Here little cow.
Noah waiting patiently for a fish.

Uncle Scott and Aiden fishing with their poles.
Two hours later and this is all that they caught! He's pretty mean looking isn't he??

What is it with boys and the outdoors??


2 more pictures from the weekend at Heartland Lodge that Todd took with our camera.

I thought this one of Aiden was cute.

Close up of the butterfly.


Ok, so Noah loses a tooth this morning. I find out after school that he lost the tooth, like in *poof* it's gone. I tell him to show me where he left it. Now GET THIS......he left the tooth soaking in the bathroom sink so it would get clean.....and he didn't tell anyone. HELLO!!!! That sink was used at least 10 times while he was at school, did he think it would just float in the bottom and hang out there?? He told me he thought someone would see it. I told him that his tooth is the same color as the sink! Now he's worried that he won't get his dollar from the tooth fairy. Heck, I'm afraid the tooth fairy will forget!! I can't break the kids' heart.


Jessica said...

So cute! I love the picture of Aiden peeing...that should haunt him later in life!

Hailey lost one of her teeth too. We are pretty sure she swallowed it. Not a good idea to eat corn on the cob with a loose tooth. All of a sudden she looked down and said, "I have red corn." Then we realized she was missing her tooth. Danny thought fast and remembered he still had her first tooth saved, so he pretended to find it in the corn and saved the day!

Deb said...

Looked like an awesome day for fishing!

Peeing outside just comes naturally to the boys... ;-)

Sorry about Noah's tooth.

(way to save the day Danny!)

Mom said...

Deter's girls are back at our house-and Maggie is NOT liking them at all. I think they do tease here too.....and then run away.The tooth fairy is going to be busy with all these teeth falling out....

Dianna said...

Kel, one day that boy will NOT be happy about that pic!
Wait a minute.....nevermind.
I just remembered who his family is.