Thursday, May 7, 2009

A Package For Me!

Mr Mailman walked up to my house yesterday with a package. I looked at the return address and knew right away it was from Amy!! I won a giveaway on her Chic Book Chick blog and boy did she spoil me, it totally made my day. I won these awesome books and I can't wait to read them...but which one do I do first??? (what?? a Nora Roberts book I haven't read yet?? How did that happen?) I just finished P.S. I Love You and if you haven't read it, it's an absolute MUST. I really want to rent the movie now.

She also sent me all of this crafty goodness!! This girl is can see a lot of her craftiness on her other blog, Caffinated Cropper.
(I'm sorry the lighting is so bad, it's overcast and I still don't have access to my basement computer where my beloved photo editing software is.) I got this awesome notebook and pen (she knows I love my owls!), the coolest bookmark ever!, and these gorgeous notecards. Thank you, thank you Amy!! You definitely perked up my week!


Cindy said...

WOW did you hit the jackpot...i'd love all the books, though I haven't made much time to read lately. You've got a great friend there that seems to know you well

See how happy getting mail at your home is a dying art to write a letter anymore, let alone send out a package....NOW lets get out there an mail some happiness to someone you love....then someone you love may get to keep his job.

Jessica said...

Awesome package! I can tell you from personal experience the Nora Roberts book is a goody :)

Aunt Jane said...

The movie is great, I loved it. Hope things are drying for you all.

Amy said...

I am so glad you love everything!! That Nora Robert's book is a two in one, of her older ones..hope you likey!! take care
love you girl :-)

Controlling My Chaos said...

I love that bookmark. You lucky little duck.