Thursday, May 14, 2009

Like Mother, Like Son

I've been giving Drew grief because he comes home with new scrapes and bruises everyday. His legs actually look good in the picture compared to how they looked the week before.....and you should see his elbow from the spill he took from his skateboard. I can't give him anymore grief. If you look at my knees, I got a couple of owies myself. Mine aren't from playing rough or being daring, I'm just a plain clutz. I was sitting on my computer chair and when I went to get up and walk away, my heel got caught in my pajama pants and my body slammed to the floor. I haven't had rug burns like that in years. Ow! I've also decided from this picture, that knees are really ugly body parts!



Mom said...

You all come by it naturally-Dad and I are both klutsy...maybe dad more than me! At least there are more stories about Dad!!!! Hope you had a good weekend

Cindy said...

I thought Krissy was the residence klutz in the family. I know I've been with her for too many falls like yours. I have to admit though the picture piqued my curiousity right away....thought it was some kind of game guessing who's knees are whos....I cna't believe that DRew is almost as long legged as you. And for the record I think your knees are cute...I think FEET are the ugliest body part...except baby's feet..which are darn adorable.

Deb said...

Kelly, you are too funny. You make me smile when I read your blog. The funniest things in life really are the ones that happen to us all... we have all taken the unexpected 'spill'...forgotten keys...BUT...we all don't share them on our blogs! ;-) I love the fact that you are right out there with it!

BTW...our hammock is open anytime you want to come and relax! ;-)

Dianna said...

I could have written this same post*!*