Friday, December 19, 2008

I'm Screamin' Like A Banshee

Holy moly, have you people tried to buy a Cars Screamin' Banshee?? I hope not, because you will want to beat your head on the wall after trying to get it at every store in town, out of town, and online only to find it's sold out EVERYWHERE. I guess everyone feels the need for a Screamin' Banshee for Christmas, it's like searching for the Holy Grail of Cars toys. Well you know what?? That's ALL Aiden has talked about for the past month, the ONLY thing he says over and over that Santa is going to bring him. I've turned my neck of the woods and the world of online shopping upside down for this crazy thing. Sure I could still get it for him if I'm willing to pay more than twice of what it's worth (I'm not) So to all of my friends and family in blogland, if you come across this......

in a store, snatch it up and I will love you forever (and of course pay you back, including shipping) and my Aiden Sunshine will be the happiest kid on earth b/c Santa got him the only thing he's talked about for a month!


Edited to add:

As Aiden would day "Oh yeah baby!". This momma just won herself a Screamin Banshee on ebay with 4 seconds to spare. Don't mess with me! LOL I refused to spend a crazy amount so I knew what my limit would be and only went over by a buck. So my total with shipping included came to the same price I would have paid in the store once tax was on it. It also will be here in 3-4 business days so if it doesn't make it for Christmas, he can open it at our little party Drew is putting together for us on the 27th. See above post. WOOHOO!!


Stimey said...

Ugh. I'll keep my eyes open. Hopefully he'll be so excited by everything else Santa brings. :)

Colleen said...

There are 5 left in stock on Amazon!!! HURRY! I hope it is the right thing, I typed in "Cars Screamin' Banshee"! All I can say is HURRY!!!!

=] Hope you get there in time.

Anonymous said...


(((we have a barking santa dog that might give me the same emotions..)))

Anonymous said...


(((we have a barking santa dog that might give me the same emotions..)))

Jill Scott said...

Oh, that is so frustrating when you can't get that one toy you need. Remember when the Tickle Me Elmo was so hard to get and people were paying scads of money for them on eBay? Craziness! Good luck getting that Screamin' Banshee. I'll snatch one if I see one, but I'm not planning on going out again.

Kelly said...

THe one on is going for 58.99 plus another $9 for shipping. The toy only retails for 29.99 so I refused to get ripped off that much! LOL

Aunt Cindy said...

Good for you Kelly.....What we won't do for our boys. Too bad they didn't have EBay years ago when all Matt wanted was the Duke's of Hazzard Barn Buster, and all he got was a losey letter from Santa saying NOT this year little Mattey!

I'm glad Aiden will be all smiles on Christmas morning...I just hope YOU are come that afternoon...NOt sure I'd like any toy that was named "Screaming" anything.

Sandra Carvalho said...

LOL!You brave mom!!!!
Don't forget to take pics in Christmas morning!
I can't wait to see your boys expressions!!!!