Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Cute Stories

On Friday as Aiden and I were leaving the Dr's office (he had Bronchitis), we ran into a lady that I used to work with. So we were talking with her a bit and she was asking Aiden some questions. She asked him if he had a girlfriend at school and he said no. Then he looked up at me with those big chocolate brown eyes and said "My mom is my girlfriend." Honestly, I about melted into a puddle of goo right there. Then he came over and hugged my legs and said "Mom, I love you when your my girlfriend." sigh
Drew had had a horrible toothache all weekend so first thing yesterday morning I called to get him into the dentist. We were sitting in the waiting room and I commented that I'm curious to see what was wrong with his tooth. Drew says that he really hopes there's something wrong with his tooth. I thought that was strange and asked him why. He became a little distraught and said "because if there's nothing wrong with my tooth, I'll have to live with this pain the rest of my life!" I had to laugh at that and reassure him that that wouldn't be the case!
Noah was really upset yesterday morning when he woke up and saw the snow and ice and we didn't have a snow day because of it. He told me he wasn't going to school. That's unlike him because he likes school and I explained that this was a fun week with all of the holiday stuff going on. He was in my workplace for a bit after school and one of the women I work with was talking with him. She was teasing him saying that he probably didn't want Christmas break to come because he likes school so much. Noah just let out a big sigh and said "I just really need a day off."
**Are we the only family that has managed to go through an entire bottle of Superglue this holiday season trying to repair all of the broken ornaments??


Mom said...

Kids say such cute things.....I hope Drew's pain goes away. Noah has lots of days off coming up. And remember Aiden's comment on the next day he has you near tears!.....My super glue is at the other house so I cant fix anything!

Abbie said...

Ohhh hahaha those kids of yours are TOO CUTE!! I hope Drew's toothache goes away, those are NO FUN!

Cindy said...

Great stories Kel. I love that you are Aiden's girlfriend. That would melt me too.

So what WAS wrong with Drew's tooth? I feel terrible he thought he would have to live in pain for his whole life..I hope he feels better.

Noah should talk to Eric...he always feels like he needs a day off.

Anonymous said...


kids are SO blunt, but I like it.

Beth said...

Poor Drew...I know the feeling buddy. Did they fix him up, I hope? I guess, since last night he seemed good:)

With the snow today maybe Noah will get some time off this week yet:)

Joanne said...

Oh goodness me, what a precious little boy you have there. I think being your sons' girlfriend is just precious. Maybe I will ask my sons to go steady when they get home from school. hee hee

My first time over. Loved your blog, but what brought me here was that our pictures for the comments are so much alike...except of course that it is just my children in the waves of the beach. My bum will not be included, ever.

Weber said...

Kelly - thank you for the stories! They were so sweet. What was wrong with his tooth? Hope he's doing better.

Kat said...

Oh my! Those boys are just too precious for words. That first story made me teary. Just so cute!
What lovely little guys. :)

Jessi said...

Your kids are adorable, which is why I miss them so much!!

As for the Christmas ornaments, our dog ate one this weekend! I about panicked, she threw up for 24 hours straight & the vet said we just had to watch her. She's fine, but my carpet is a mess!

Sandra Carvalho said...

LOL!Well, those are really cute funny stories!I specially liked the 1st one! ;)
I haven't used super glue yet but my poor tree is leaning bad to one of its sides,I hope it last all season!LOL!