Friday, December 19, 2008

Flashback Friday

This week will be a long flashback. First up is Part 3 of my Boys' 1st Christmases. This week it is Aiden's 1st Christmas 2005. It's also my best friend Dianna's birthday today so I have a little flashback for her too! (she may kill me for that)

This picture is from December 2005 and it's Aidens' Baptism Day. I always love this picture because it looks like he's practicing his karate moves. Hi-ya!

The boys got to see Santa and one of his reindeer at the local Gamemasters.

My cute little reindeer. He was only 3 months old on his 1st Christmas.
I don't think he's too impressed with Santa.

This is the picture I used on my Christmas cards that year along with the little reindeer picture. How precious they looked in this picture.
I love this picture. Drew is holding Aiden on the carousel ride at the Symphony of Trees.

Christmas Eve before heading to our big family get together.

Christmas Morning 2005. Honestly, this is one of the best Christmases in my memory. We had a sweet new baby boy and a 4 and 6 year old that were still awed by the magic of Christmas. It was perfect. I also had a 2 year old nephew and a nephew that was only 4 days younger than Aiden so there were lots of little ones. (Don't you love how daddy is holding Aiden's head?)

Rumpled Morning Daddy holding his three boys. This is back when the boys were completely enamored by Aiden. They worshipped him, always wanted to "help" with him, hold him, play with him, etc. I notice that isn't the case anymore. He just drives them crazy, gets into their things, and wants to follow them everywhere.
The five grandkids and our attempt to get a good photo.


Part 2
Happy Birthday Dianna!
I can't make fun of your age because I'm older, and you just keep getting more beautiful so I'll just leave it at that~ Love ya girl!

Here's a little flashback to some older memories of us.

November 2007 on our short, short weekend in Alton, IL

I'm guessing this is 1990 or 1991. How do I know the years of these pictures you ask?? No, they are not written on the back, that would be too easy. There's only one other way. I go by my hairstyle! This was my hair during my senior year of high school.

Very early 90's on one of my solo trips to FL to visit. Remember the days of bodysuits?? Obviously a petite person designed those....they didn't fit us tall folk too well!

Jason, Me and Dianna---How much 'swimming' do you think we actually could do in that pool?? LOL
This past summer.....July 2008 on our visit down to FL. This is one of my favorites.
And last but not least, one of my all time favorite pictures of us....I have this framed in my bedroom. This is from sometime in 1975. This is how it all started............

Happy Birthday Dianna!!!


Shasta said...

Your boys are just so sweet!! I love the carousel picture as well, it's really good. I love how they got to meet a reindeer, my boys would go crazy over that!!

Also very neat that you and your friend have been friends since babies, you don't hear of that often, it's so nice that you've always stayed close!

Beth said...

A few more first Christmas pics of Aiden then Noah, huh?:) You know I'm the middle child too so I have to say something:)

I laughed at the karate one. I don't know if I've ever seen that one before!
And the carousel one made me want to catch Aiden before he fell out of Drew's arms. My heart actually raced a little. You know how I am:)

Happy Birthday Dianna! Hope you have a fabulous day with your wonderful family.

I love the picture with the big hair from high school. I haven't seen that one before either. Hilarious.

Kat said...

Those flashback photos are just gorgeous. All of them.
Happy Birthday Dianna!

Aunt Cindy said...

Flashback Friday is my Fav...Aiden is adorable, but you have to notice in all families how few pictures are just of them alone once you have more than one. You do have so many pictures I've not see though, so I enjoyed them all. I do, however, have the good fortune of remembering ALL your hairstyles and clothes choices as you've grown. I still think it is the coolest thing that you have pictures of you holding your BFF as a baby...Not many people can say that! SO, happy birthday Dianna, and thanks for being such a great friend to Kelly for your WHOLE life!!!

Dianna said...

LOVE that photo of Aiden in that reindeer outfit~TOO CUTE*!*

I'll only kill you for that first one cause I look like poo~ick!
Thanks for the flashback and being the bestest friend a girl could ever have~love you*!*

Amy said...

I love all those pictures of the boys so sweet...and a beautiful tribute to your lifelong friendship with Dianna!! Happy Birthday Di..!!

Mom said...

Always enjoy the seems so long since Aiden (and TY) were little. Happy Birthday Dianna-loved the years next to the Thompsons. Never has been neighbors that great since....