Monday, November 24, 2008


This past weekend always kicks off the holiday season for me. It's the Holiday Gift Show put on by the Quincy Service League. It has been Todd and I's tradition as long as I've known him to go to it, to eat and shop. It's a blast and it really puts you in the holiday spirit. This year was extra special because Drew and Noah asked if they could go. I enjoyed sharing all the holiday excitement with them and the good food too. I think they enjoyed it although I think they would have been happy with a little less time spent shopping! Aiden got to spend that time at Matt and Beth's playing with his cousins (thanks guys!!) It was all he talked about all week and he had so much fun. He thought he was big stuff getting to go by himself. Sunday then I worked at the gift show. The store where I work always has a booth there and I love working the gift show. It's so fun to see people dressed in their Christmas clothing and the cute little kids dressed up to see Santa. I honestly don't even feel like I'm working...and this year was great because Chris said it was our best gift show yet, as far as how much we sold. YAY.

One of the other highlights of the weekend is going to see the movie Twilight. Holy crapola, that was worth the wait. The books are to die for, no pun intended and the movie was every bit as hot! I have to see it again and I can't wait for a sequel.

Gotta get my buns in the shower, Monday is my work day and I'm beat. Poor Aiden was up all and down all night with congestion and a cough, at least one kiddo always seems to get sick each holiday. Luckily he doesn't act like he feels too bad but he sounds bad.

Happy Monday!


Beth said...

We sure enjoyed having Aiden play! I hope he gets feeling better soon! No sickies this holiday season...let's pray!

I'm dying to see Twilight again! We should go sometime this week!

Kat said...

I just got the Twilight book and am really looking forward to starting it. I just hope it isn't hyped so much that it doesn't live up to it.
Once I read the book then I'll go see the movie.

Anonymous said...


I'll go see the movie.


Amy said...

That holiday show sounds so fun..I love going to the ones around here but yours sounds better...I want to see it again too...yum..hope your kiddo is feeling better!